Flagged Curriculum (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

Fairfax County Public Schools, partnering with The Leadership Academy, proposes replacing "Controversial Issues" Policy with "Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Education" Policy

From the FCPS website (link below): "...FCPS is analyzing and addressing the beliefs and policies that inform what is taught in schools. The school division is beginning the process by revising the existing Controversial Issues Policy (Policy 3280.3) and developing a new Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Education Curriculum Policy." FCPS is now …

Fairfax School Board Member Calls Asking About Someone's Ancestry "A Slippery Slope to Hate." Says She Feels Like "a zoo animal."

Fairfax County School Board Member Rachna Sizemore Heizer tells parents about FCPS's new resolution on anti-Asian discrimination, and why we are all just bubbling over with intrinsic hate if we ask "so where are your parents from?" ****************************** Resolution to Condemn Anti-Asian Racism Over the past year hate crimes against …

Chauvin verdict: Why would a public school system send an email giving its opinion on a political issue across the country?

News Release April 20, 2021 Message to FCPS Community Dear FCPS Community, As we process the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, we realize many of our staff and students are experiencing a range of emotions. Our thoughts are called to many different places: where we were last year, …

School teaches kids how to circumvent parents to engage in racial activism

'How would you respond in this scenario? I really wanted to participate in a local protest on the racial injustices in our country, but my parents would not let me go.'

Newsela Links Republicans to KKK

"During Civics Class, an article by Newsela, was presented to students with the purpose of explaining Free Speech and the 1st Amendment. Instead, multiple inappropriate examples were used essentially calling Republican supporters, members of the KKK."

4th grade Social Studies socializes students to property, capitalism vs. socialism, activism

"4th graders are asked to read assigned articles for Social Studies/Language Arts on a website called Newsela. Many of the articles assigned were taken from the Zinn Education Project (ZEP), whose purpose is to lead students to question their history textbooks. I personally don't have an issue with studying history …

Objectivity and Individualism are taught as "white supremacy culture" in elementary school.

Online screenshot showing school faculty sharing Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones's 15 characteristics of white supremacy culture as curriculum.

McLean High School social studies chair laments the pledge of allegiance

'Our state is supposedly still requiring the pledge of allegiance this year,' she/her/hers said.

Implicit Bias Indoctrination During Morning Roll Call

Fairfax says it is "implicit bias" to not pick short people for a basketball team.

AP US History instructs students to write essay on how they are "oppressed"

"Madison HS AP history taught the idea of "cultural appropriation" as if it were purely negative and not a controversial definition. No recognition that adopting other people's habits is how assimilation occurs and how one culture learns from another. The class is non-stop leftism from start to finish. Rather than …

Bias in babies video

My 6th grader was shown this video (from CNN) this morning as part of the schoolwide “Positivity Project.”

Easy sex: English assignment is to read graphic story, then answer "Did you like it?"

Below is an assignment given to 10th grade students at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia. "Another fine example of FCPS' X-rated agenda." Directions: Read Margaret Atwood’s short story “Happy Endings.” Then respond to the questions below. Below, write your initial reactions to the story. Did you like it? If …

Fairfax Submits Teachers To Anti-Racism Training

Teachers "trained" with videos instructing them to work to defund the police, and excoriating "white woman's tears," while children are to read "Me and white supremacy"

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