New Jersey

Survey asks about sexual orientation, transgenderism

Received survey for me and my child on , racial equity, inclusion, diversity, sexual orientation, transgender, what sex I was at birth. Etc. It cam from Harvard University,


Hudson Ohio, Denying that CRT is in the schools. Teaching children to see skin color. Only advocating the democratic side of government in building

K through 5 is being taught that parents and grandparents are racist and do not know it. They encourage the students to believe that parents cannot understand and that the coordinator is all-knowing and will teach our children the correct way to teach. It took up to two weeks to read a book called the Milkshake man. …


Lies My History Teacher Told Me

This past school year, my son’s history teacher required the students to read the book “Lies My Teacher Told Me,” take notes on the content, and then take tests on the material. This book represents, critical race theory, as it teaches students that everything they have been taught previously was filtered thru a lens of “white privilege.” …


Eric Foner “Give me Liberty” Textbook approved for AP History

School board approved Eric Foner’s “Give me Liberty” text book despite strong opposition from parents. There were 19 other books the district could have approved for this AP History class. Any intellectually honest person can read the text and agree that the text is biased even if one agrees with the author. Very disappointed but not surprised …


Under pressure from activists, Methacton heads down the Equity road

Parents in the Methacton School District, watch what they're trying to push!


Newsla website for reading assignments

Students throughout the United States are reading articles put out by Newsla,, a site where their "platform takes real and new content from trusted providers and turns it into learning materials that meet most State standards."( their own description). Teachers ARE free to choose what articles they want their students to learn about, but these articles …

New York

Mandatory Implicit Bias Training for All NYCDOE Employees

The New York City Department of Education is requiring all employees to undergo 'Foundational Implicit Bias Modules' and provided a glossary of "key equity terms and concepts" including: - "White Privilege," defined as "The unearned power and advantages that benefit people just by virtue of being White or being perceived as White." - "White Fragility," defined as …


Maryland Teacher's Union Funding BLM, 'Lessons Or Events That Promote Racial Justice'

Educators across the state are doing A+ work on every front under the most stressful conditions—maintaining continuity of learning while helping students deal with the traumas of social isolation, the financial struggles of their families, and pervasive social and racial injustices. For these reasons and many more, we need to come together to fight for the Blueprint …


Trans Student Gender Unicorns For Fifth Graders at Private The Foote School

6/1/21 Dear Grade 5 Families, The 5th grade team and I are excited about the puberty unit next week, and I wanted to share some more information and resources. As the Grade 5 letter described, the primary objectives of the unit are the following: Recognize the specific signs of puberty Understand physiological and emotional changes that happen …


White middle schoolers need to 'check your privilege'

Shown in my sons middle school class. Parents not notified. Had to request a link to video after my son reported “another class to make white people feel bad”. Stool image and video with “white privilege is real” across top.


Critical Race Theory on Issaquah School District's Website

Issaquah School District's main website has an "Equity Terminology" page that explicitly names Critical Race Theory, along with several racist CRT terms, such as "White Privilege".


Santa Monica, just outside Hollywood, is using gender stereotypes from the 1950s -- that kids have never experienced -- to push notion of "gender unicorn"

SMMUSD is teaching high school freshmen the "gender unicorn", that their sex is "assigned at birth", and that their "gender identity" is what determines whether they are male or female. How does a student determine if they have a male or female gender identity? The lesson goes on to list male and female traits that are 1950's …


The Southern Poverty Law Center tackling the KKK in... Malibu

SMMUSD is teaching the "soft" CRT from the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance" operation as well as formally endorsing gender ideology with respect to youth and "gender identity."


MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer Uses COVID to Mandate CRT in Classrooms Statewide

In February, MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer created a 29 member COVID-19 Student Recovery Advisory Council. The council released its blueprint for recovery. Pages 26-27 state: "The racial disparities seen throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the systemic cycle of discrimination and injustice must be accounted for in our schools." And that the root cause of inequities is "Systemic …


Germantown bans critical race theory, then overturns ban

The teachers put up a fuss to appeal the initial decision


Howard Zinn, "The Empire and the People", Socialist Propaganda, Assigned At Issaquah School District

This is an official Issaquah School District class assignment. It uses Chapter 12: "THE EMPIRE AND THE PEOPLE", of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" as a reference. ISD staff directly downloaded this material from the Communist website, "History is a Weapon".


Critical Race Theory-White Advantage

It appears that the School District of Palm Beach county is proceeding full speed ahead with the introduction of Critical Race Theory to our children. Furthermore, there is a link in their website to help children and parents understand racism more clearly by accessing the Black Lives Matter website. To my surprise, there are no direct links …

South Carolina

It has begun in Charleston County

---Rolled out initial phase of DEI training for teachers--- ---Implicit bias plan--- From Federal Office of Elementary and Secondary Education! ---Hired Exec Director of DEI for county schools---


Harvard Wants To Turn Massachusetts Children Into 'Changemakers'

Curriculum from the Democratic Knowledge Project (DKP) designed specifically for Massachusetts eighth graders and developed by Harvard University. Main focus: Equality Liberty Respect for Diversity Inclusiveness Faith and Religion, Democracy Safety, Happiness Justice Patriotism

Lockheed Martin

Defense Contractor's Reeducation Camp For White Men

The nation’s largest defense contractor allegedly held a three-day training program for white male executives so they could deconstruct their “privilege” and understand how white male behavior is “devastating” to racial minorities and women, journalist Christopher Rufo reported Wednesday.