LGBTQ+ Class

MCPS is going to be offering an LBGTQ+ studies class to middle and high school students.


Anti-Bias, Anti Racism Staff Video

12-minute video with superintendent, students, and "Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"

New York

Practicing Anti-Racism in a White Community

Dr. Sofia Villenas, an anthropology professor at Cornell who specializes in the teaching and learning of racial justice and cultural citizenship, joins Skaneateles for Social Justice founders Cecilia Marrinan and Hope Glowacki SCS '18 for a discussion on anti-racism education

New Hampshire

Hollis heads down the familiar diversity committee -> consultant -> full CRT road

This past summer, the SAU41 School Boards considered an Equity Initiative which contained the fundamental concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT). If approved, this resolution would require the district to hire an outside consultant (most of whom are strongly committed to CRT) to evaluate school policies relative to race equity. The consultant’s recommendations would be the basis …


Land Acknowledgement and spiritual suggestions for third graders in Bloomington

At Childs Elementary School in Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC), a third grade teacher tweeted a bulletin board with the land acknowledgment display, "WE ARE ON INDIGENOUS LAND!" apparently hand-colored by children. One portion of the display informs: "Land Acknowledgment. What is that? Let us journey together. Take a moment to connect with the land that …


Conservative, Rural Calvert County using 'Social Justice Standards' and 'Anti-Racism'

Whereas, the Calvert County Board of Education is outraged by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, as well as countless other African Americans who have lost their lives as a result of racism and police brutality that persist in our country; and Whereas, all district staff, administrators, teachers, and support staff shall …


School lets students miss class to attend equity consultant's activism event

The Launch Pad's Teen Advisory Council ( has organized an event with Eric Bailey ( that allows student to miss several classes to attend. It has been promoted through school email to students and parents, daily announcements in school, and flyers. The first event, held last Fall was not open to adults but only teenagers. This upcoming …


Intermediate School promotes radical books on racism to parents

Miraleste Intermediate School promotes four radical books on racism on school website, including Critical Race Theory. These are found under the Parents Resources page. The page is called the Go To Reads on Race & Racism by Dr. Tyrone Howard.


The 12 Page "PTA in California" is dotted with political bias

The 12 Page "PTA in California" newsletter is dotted with political bias in its Winter/Spring Edition 2021. It includes many "woke" keywords throughout including equity, Black Lives Matter, Ibram X. Kendi, and white supremacy. It includes a full page devoted on capitalizing on the left's narrative of the Capitol Riots. It includes a full page on their …


Elementary school PTA tries to turn parents into BLM 'co-conspirators'

Using monthly PTA newsletter, Elementary School PTA pushes politically biased resources on parents during Black History Month. The newsletter is promoting Black Lives Matter, a pro-Marxist activist group. It provides "Resources for Co-Conspirators” weblink to 50+ other biased websites. It features a troubling cartoon by The New Yorker. It includes a positive YouTube compilation video of accomplished …

New Mexico

Las Cruces Public Schools Proposed "Equity" Policy

A proposed policy by the Las Cruces Public School Board that is filled with Critical Race Theory ideology.


Elementary School PTA pushing activist materials on parents

Using the monthly PTA newsletter, Elementary School PTA emails parents politically biased book recommendations for adults and children during George Floyd riots. It also includes links to far left activist websites.


Equity "Academy" For Teachers -- And Parents

This is a lunchtime "Academy" for parents and teachers, mainly. The topic falls in the umbrella of Critical Race Theory led by guest speaker and Author of Raising Multiracial Children: Tools for Nurturing Identity in a Racialized World--Farzana Nayani.


Schools Propagating Anti-American 1619 Project

Worthington Schools in the Central, OH area are propagating the anti-American narrative, the 1619 Project. It teaches that America is irredeemable due to its racism through debunked and revised history. The use of Marxist ideology through Critical Race Theory is a common tactic these days, and this is no different. Attempting to divide people by race, categorizing …


School Refuses to Show Parents Race-Based Curriculum

An elite private school in Columbus, OH refused to show parents their race-based curriculum even after students were subjected to a civil disobedience walkout demonstration. For more on the story, see Daily Wire's report:


Teachers' attempts at inflicting racial anxiety on children foiled by Zoom again

My son’s school district does 1 hour of at home learning via Zoom each Wednesday. His teacher typically teaches a lesson within an academic subject like mathematics. Today, for the entire hour, the teacher read a book to them called “Separate Is Never Equal.” Within the very first page you will find the sentence, “She was looking …


Gym class(!) will include one day of a week of 'Learning for Justice' and 'self-care'

Sperreng Middle School gym teacher sent out this letter informing parents about teaching "Learning for Justice Lessons. See letter below Hello Families! We are dedicating 1 day a week to choice-driven topics through "Learning for Justice" lessons (formerly named "Teaching Tolerance") and some time for Self-Care. This work began with kids creating word clouds of topics that …


Hawaii bill could mandate teaching 'cultural subjugation'

In the Hawaii legislature there is a bill (HB11) that allows the State board of education to develop statewide performance standards to be culturally relevant, historically and scientifically accurate, and nondiscriminatory. Authorizes a standards-based curriculum and its related educational materials to be nondiscriminatory. Establishes certain requirements for school complexes when developing standards-based curricula. Specifically, "To the greatest …


Education & Grades are Secondary to Sports

Nearly 1 in 5 kids were failing at least one class (data from Q1 marking period per Superintendent) and is deemed “acceptable” to the TASD School Board & Administration. Sad that kids CAN now fail 2 subjects & yet still be eligible for sports. So much for Educating the next Generation.


What does 'restorative justice' really look like? Not much like justice when it comes to assesses truth of allegations

A first grader in this community returned after Winter break to find his desk had been moved to the back corner of the classroom. He was later pulled out of the classroom by himself and asked by the principle if he knew any “racist” words and if he remembered calling a classmate a racist word prior to …