North Carolina

District-wide CRT & Activist SEL Lessons

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has recently embarked on an antiracism initiative to ensure equal outcomes for all students. This includes labeling white students as privileged and oppressors, creating activities to help them explore their intersectionality and ways in which they are oppressed, and encouraging them to become social justice advocates through protests and dismantling systems of oppression. One lesson …


Reading "Charlie" to PreK-5 grade students

The school system is also promoting Pride week. One of the events is reading "Calvin" to PreK-5 grade students. The book's description according to Google is "In this joyful and impactful picture book, a transgender boy prepares for the first day of school and introduces himself to his family and friends for the first time. Calvin has …


School Board Promoting Gender Confusion

Dekalb, IL School Board District 428 Promoting Gender Identity Confusion.


Teacher Training Video on Identity and Classroom Activities

This teacher training video was just posted by my school's Equity Liaison team. It is a charter school, but the charter school follows Broward County Public School policies. So, the video and related activities are probably from BCPS. There are also elementary, middle, and high school level classroom activities to do with your students. I do not …


Handing out candy, free food recommended to recruit students to LGBTQ+ Clubs

Each HCPSS school has one or more staff members designated as Rainbow Representatives. Their duties include sponsoring Gender Sexual Alliance clubs during school hours or after school hours. Training materials for Rainbow Representatives link to a GLSEN document that recommends handing out candy to recruit students and states that "Free food can make your club meetings and …


Rainbow Ribbon Certification: LGBTQ+ Books, events, etc to earn BOE recognition

HCPSS School Rainbow Representatives received this training including how to certify their school as a Rainbow Ribbon School There is a clear push to indoctrinate all students, regardless of personal, family, or religious beliefs into their LBGTQ+ agenda and to do so behind parents' backs. The Howard County Board of Education will give recognition to any school …


HCPSS Pride Group Receives $30k for Social Emotional Learning

What what does the school district mean when they say "social emotional learning"? HCPSS Pride received a $30k grant for district-wide support for Social Emotional Learning including Rainbow Representatives and SAGA/GSA sponsors What is a GSA? A Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA), Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) or Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) is a student-run …


Liberated Ethnic Studies Courses

This is a list of all the ethnic studies courses available in the Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District.


CASEL SEL being promoted at Tipp City Schools

This curriculum was presented to parents through the superintendent and curriculum director without board approval. The board then ask for some clarification. There was a presentation on July 13th, 2022. Video under School board meetings. Please look at video and attachments. By clicking on that agenda item, it will take you directly to the presentation.


CRT slide: If you don't focus on race, you are perpetuating white supremacy

A slide shown as part of an HCPSS English class unit on freedom is classic CRT (Critical Race Theory). It defines the terms "identity," "culture," "race," and "bias." A note at the bottom of the slide emphasizes that students must NOT treat others as fellow human beings but instead as representatives of their labels: "Note about colorblindness--viewing …


"Race to Be Human" School-wide race-focused program at Centennial HS 2022-2023

For the 2022-2023 school year, Centennial High School is planning a school-wide race-focused emphasis, using the "Race to be Human" program. There are few details available online about this program but there is a documentary by the same name, where the filmmaker Scilla Andreen asks 50 students "When did you realize you're not white?" An online interview …


Diversity and Equity Committee meeting

The following is a link to a Diversity and Equity meeting from February 2021.


Future Focused Learning: Equity

This document is part of the district's Future-Focused Planning initiative which is said to help organize the district for long-term success. It breaks down the Six Pillars of Equity and includes "reflections" and "recommendations" of what the district and its personnel should do within each pillar. The Pillars are: general equity practices, data practices, academic equity, self-awareness, …


Critical Race Theory Videos in Middle School English Class

These two videos were shown in middle school English class as a regular part of class instruction 1. Legos and the 4 I's of Oppression Oppression is the big theme of Critical Race Theory. "Ideological oppression leads to institutional oppression which leads to interpersonal oppression which leads to internalized oppression" "When women make 2/3 what men make, …


We're all Queer Ideology at Chadwick School (K-12 Private School)

Chadwick School is indoctrinating kids as young as 4th grade with the ideology that their gender identity exists along a spectrum and they can choose how they identify and their identity can change depending on how they feel. The school does not have a formal lesson plan in the fourth grade but uses opportune times to sprinkle …


Prospect Ridge Academy Broomfield Colorado - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I wanted to see if I could get your assessment on what is being introduced at my kids school in Broomfield Colorado (Prospect Ridge Academy) I got wind through an online petition of sort about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) program that has started, or will start. At this point, I am concerned that we were not …


Supporting Transgender Students

Recent virtual event offered to families in our middle school (Grades 5-8) community, featuring Alex Meyers, transgender advocate and educator.


OPS newsletter

I did as much digging as I possibly could, I'm not very technologically savvy and hopefully this will help shine a light and someone more intelligent and resourceful than I can dig a little more. the link I attached is, I believe the staff OPS newsletter, and it's clear this ideology is here in our school system. …


Gender Theory now part of "Oregon Standards" for teaching human sexuality

The human sexuality unit in my child's 9th grade Health education class includes teaching of gender theory, promoting the distinction of sex and gender. The PBS documentary "Growing Up Trans" is included in the lesson. "Gender Unicorn" makes another appearance in the lesson slides, as well as other graphics from These graphics define sex and gender …


Iowa banned CRT. Schools pushed it anyway

Last year the Iowa legislature passed a law (Bill 802) making it illegal to incorporate divisive concepts (e.g., CRT) into K-12 education. Accuracy in Media conducted an undercover sting operation and captured several Iowa school administrators boasting about how they are breaking the law. See attached story and video.