Is Social Emotional Learning Rebranded CRT In Wimberly?

My kid was just scheduled to attend a Social Emotional Learning class for 2nd grade at Blue Hole Primary School. We have advised the teacher he will not be attending. As we know, SEL is just a rebranding of CRT which has been banned in Texas. It is based in Marxism. They are trying to hype it …

New Jersey

NJ A4454 Signed Into Law: Enacts DEI, gender, and unconscious instruction for all districts in k - 12

CHAPTER 32 AN ACT concerning diversity and inclusion instruction in school districts and supplementing chapter 35 of Title 18A of the New Jersey Statutes. BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of New Jersey: C.18A:35-4.36a Curriculum to include instruction on diversity and inclusion. 1. a. Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, each …


Allies, Equity and Privilege in Franklin Indiana School Corporation

We are concerned that the Franklin Community School Corporation in Indiana is utilizing CRT theory in Indiana and that curriculum has not been approved by the state. Ally - Someone who makes the commitment and effort to recognize their privilege (based on gender, class, race, sexual identity, etc.) and work in solidarity with oppressed groups in the …


Teacher was escorted out of the School for his opposition to critical race theory

A fourth grade teacher was escorted out of school without being able to say goodbye to his students because he is against Critical Race Theory.


Wilmington, MA: 'The research that informs CRT will inform our district’s equity plan moving forward'

The Superintendent of Wilmington Public Schools provided this generic overview of what will be taught to students: Critical Race Theory (CRT) itself is not being taught in our Pre-K-12 schools. However, the research that informs CRT will inform our district’s equity plan moving forward. Our strategic plan includes a focus on a culture of inclusion. We strive …


CRT (aka equity and antiracism) training in Falmouth Schools

From the interim director of learning’s most recent school report on 8/16/21 ( see attached PDF highlights): an equity workshop was held this summer (2021) with Falmouth school staff/teachers was led by an equity consultant, Marceline Dubos. This is the first indication of “equity” training in Falmouth. Marceline Dubos consults school systems about anti-racism and educational equity …


LPSS teachers sign pact to Teach CRT even if it violates State Law

Name of teachers in article by selecting LA. Do we want teachers who conspire to break the law teaching our children? Pledge to Teach the Truth: Despite New State Bills Against It.”: THOUSANDS Of Teachers Across America Sign Pledge To Violate Law And Teach Critical Race Theory https://tiny.iavian.net/1fh9v


MBUSD Resources for Inclusion, Antiracism and Social Justice

MBUSD's resource bank links to a google document titled, "Diverse Literature and Other Resources Supporting Conversations on Race, Racism, Inequality, and Social Justice". This document contains links to articles justifying violent protest, race essentialism, and revisionist history. No articles with significant countervailing views or views critical of the given ideology are presented.


CVS encourages employees to rat out fellow employees for not being woke enough

An internal email obtained by FOX Business showed David Casey, SVP of Workforce Strategies and Chief Diversity Officer, discussing the four-week program. The first three weeks included 20-30 minutes of self-study per week, leading up to a two-hour virtual workshop in the fourth. In the email, Casey continues by outlining different "skills" employees will build during the …

New Jersey

Culturally responsive classrooms in Roselle Park

This is a mission statement on the elementary schools website about the current curriculum being based on the teachings of Gay Geneva


Private Bishop Diego High School Pushing 'Social Justice'

Bishop Diego High School a private Catholic school located in Santa Barbara, CA has introduced CRT to their 10th Grade English classes under the guise of "Social Justice." Teachers are asking students to verbally debate current issues in class, defining their viewpoints.

New York

Gender Sexuality Alliance Counselors under CRT guise

My 10th grade child was assigned a Gender Sexuality Alliance advisor. I looked it up. www.gsanetwork.org is a racist activist organization. They use the BLM fist and host “activist camps” to push back against oppression in schools. They say it’s for LGBTQ but the website is all about racial and gender justice. No one told me my …


Inappropriate sexual and political interrogation, and unlicensed medical advice, are being hidden from parents

Throughout 12 years of education here in District 1J we've seen a steady escalation of curriculum that surveys children about their private sexual and political thoughts and activities. Sadly, it's fairly well hidden--we had to fight for years to see it. Examples are included here. In the case of the attached images from California's Positive Prevention Plus, …


WCS ELA Lit and Supplementary Materials Recommendations

These two documents are recommendations to teachers of ELA 1 and 2 (Freshmen and Sophomores) for contemporary literature and supplemental materials (articles, videos, etc.). They are entitled "Contemporary Texts (Black Excellence)" which includes Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram Kendi among others, and "Materials & Texts (Black Excellence in Music)." From the Materials & Texts, I would recommend you …


Private Woods Academy's strategic plan: "Raising Antiracist Kids"

The Woods Academy - A private, co-educational, inclusive Catholic school, preschool – grade 8 "Over the course of the next three years..will work...to create equity across all contexts in our community" "antiracist parenting skills"


Fighting CRT & Transgender in Botetourt

We have a small but mighty group, TACT (Taxpayers Against Critical Theory) trying to work with the school board but are prepared to do the hard stuff if necessary. I'm praying the board will remember that they work for US and do the right thing for our students. All teachers were required to read a book over …

New York

Hastings-on-Hudson emails parents that it's not doing CRT -- just being anti-racist and reading White Fragility

My school district is filled with everything about CRT but they just call it something else. "Dear Hastings Families, Faculty and Staff, Both regionally and nationally, there have been growing discussions and media coverage regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within schools. Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is not synonymous with DEI, has become a significant focus …


Westport Performing Equity Study with NYU

The Westport Public Schools is currently undergoing an equity study in partnership with New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of School - Innovation in Equity and Systemic Change. The Westport Equity Study states: NYU’s role, in conjunction with the Lead Learner Team, will “be comprised of three strands of work: root …


Williamson County School officials attempt to hide operations of shadowy Cultural Competency Council

People involved in the Williamson County School System’s Cultural Competency Committee and people who support those efforts sent emails about the need for social justice and how to handle teachers who resist change. Emails also reveal Cultural Competency Committee members did not want publicity or for members of the media to attend their meetings. Committee members and …