No one gets a 0 anymore, even if they don't do any work

"Aspire Benjamin Holt Middle School teacher explained that they are no longer allowed to give zero credit on assignments, students will receive 40% credit on assignments that are left completely blank. The only explanation he could provide was that it was, “just the direction they are moving in”. The same day, the BHM Weekly Announcements email was …


La Canada Equity Office Admits 'Classrooms Are Political'

The largely wealthy and heavily Asian district warns parent about 'Not Raising the Next Amy Cooper'after paying consultant Christina Hale-Elliott to tell the school system it is racist.


School board's politicking doesn't stop with anti-racism: now taking positions on foreign affairs

The Burbank Board of Education approved an "anti-racism resolution" that defines racism as power plus privilege and says it is the product of "white default" culture. The board dismissed comments from one resident who said the move could lead to costly litigation. A teacher, Lucia Bowers, spoke in support of the statement, saying "as a first-generation American …

New York

STAR Academy in the East Village seeks to turn 4-year-olds into activists

'I consider all of teaching to be political... Even at the age of four, they can take an active role and be activists'

New York

$54,000 Private School Demands Anti-Racism Pledge from Students, Parents for Admission

the Brearley School, an all-girls private school located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, asks the parents of prospective students to explain how their family's values align with the school's "commitment to creating an anti-racist and inclusive school community." The application also states that the $54,000-per-year school "requires all members, including at least one parent/guardian, to …


Culturally responsive pre-K

Dear WPS Parents, Guardians & Community, As our community opens another school year, we would be remiss if we did not mark the moment we are in as a nation. Education takes place within a sociopolitical context that is inescapable to our work with young people. As our students return, we remain in a global pandemic; we …


Encouraging middle school students to report conscious and unconscious bias

Dear WPS Students, Welcome back to another school year! We have missed all of you. We are so glad to have you back. These last six months have been challenging in many ways. We have all had to adjust to new expectations - from wearing masks daily to protect ourselves and others, to limited outings with those …


District to stop penalizing for late work, review policy on cheating after finding racial disparities

The San Diego Unified School District is overhauling the way it grades students. Board members say the changes are part of a larger effort to combat racism. According to data presented by the district, under the old grading system, teachers fail minority students more than White students. Teachers can no longer consider non-material factors when grading. Things …


First Grade Gender Pronouns

"I observed a video clip from a first grade Language Arts lesson. Here is a screenshot with the teacher's comments transcribed. This is an example of the subtle programming that goes on in the classrooms here on a regular basis."


District to fly BLM flag at all schools

"Schools across the Essex Westford School District put up Black Lives Matter flags Thursday morning to express solidarity with people of color in their schools, community and world. In an email sent to families, the school district said they are working toward being an anti-racist organization through professional development, curriculum changes and hiring practice. Student leaders raised …


Critical Race Theory evaluation rubric to pick curriculum

Nicole Kukral, a Program Specialist for K-12 English Language Arts and Social Science – San Juan Unified School District, created an Equity Audit Rubric to help school districts pick curriculum that adheres to Critical Race Theory. Equity consulting firm Epoch Education credits her as the author. The Epoch Education YouTube page has a video of Nicole explaining …


Private school promotes 'destruction of capitalism'

Private K-8 "Waldorf Swallowtail School & Farm" sent parents "Anti-Racism Resources for White People." The "resources" at the site are grounded in radical Critical Race Theory and are critical of western society and institutions, especially the United States. Many are highly political, pro-Marxist, anti-capitalist, and supportive of direct activism (including link to recent article in the news, …


Cottonwood School (PPS) Held a Protest and March for Black Lives Matter

"The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science hosted a Black Lives Matter protest and march in the South Waterfront on Thursday, June 18, 2020. The march began at the school and moved to Elizabeth Caruthers Park, where participants from our school community were joined by other onlookers and neighborhood residents. Kamari Rivers, 8, read his poem to …


Portland Public Schools to Teach Disruption of 'Systems of Oppression'

We believe in the fundamental right to human dignity and that generating an equitable world requires an educational system that intentionally disrupts—and builds leaders to disrupt—systems of oppression.

New Jersey

Hires Equity Consultant Dr. Rebekah Cordova

Our district published a newsletter announcing new equity proposals including the hiring of Dr. Rebekah Cordova. I found a youtube video of her discussing her Ph.D. dissertation on DIY Punk Learning. Towards the end we learn her thoughts on schools and how they exist today. See time stamp 58:35.


Injunction Denied in Academies Admission Lawsuit

A Federal District Court judge has denied a bid to enjoin the Loudoun County School Board from implementing new admissions selection procedures for the Academy of Science and the Academy Engineering and Technology. A hearing on the school division’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit is scheduled for November. In August, the School Board approved admission process changes …

North Carolina

Durham School Board Chair tweets thanks to Howard Zinn

"Durham School Board Chair Bettina Umstead tweets thanks for "teaching history correctly" to Howard Zinn. The district's account and several other notable district teachers and officials "like" the tweet. Howard Zinn's People's History of the United State is an anti-American set of theories sold as 'true history'." "


Teacher denotes failing work with picture of Trump with words 'you suck'

In Schoolology, teachers assign 'badges' to work to denote its quality. This is the badge for failing work.

School board aims to 'eradicate white supremacy and heteropatriarchy in all of our institutions'

On behalf of the Board of School Directors of the Lower Merion School District, I want everyone to know that we stand with our youth and other community members to demand an anti-racist agenda be pursued and to declare that Black Lives Matter. We need to eradicate white supremacy and heteropatriarchy in all of our institutions, but …


Resolution Supporting the Development of an Antiracist School Climate

BE IT RESOLVED that the directors of SDHT, unequivocally stand firm in our collective responsibility to foster an equitable, inclusive and antiracist school climate for every student, staff member, parent, and community member. We commit to use our role as school board directors to recognize, respond, and speak out against racial injustice and inequity in our school …

North Carolina

Voting Lesson--Social and Emotional Learning

"High School lesson on voting included a slide, "Why this election is important". The information was quite one-sided and just presented to the class without comment or balancing information. The videos/articles on the slide that the teacher played for/showed are attached."


LOSD hires DIE consultants

"LOSD has hired two expensive DIE consultants, 'Equity Consultancy,' while losing money to educate the children."

New Jersey

8th grade students required to read "Stamped Racism, Antiracism, and You" By Jason Reynold and Ibram Kendi

"Critical Race Theory is being introduced to our 8th grade children this school year. The required book is based on an ideology that there is white privilege and systematic racism. It also discusses Anti-police rhetoric and anti-conservative political views. Also, a town hall with a critical race theorist Dr. Shelly Zion."

New Jersey

Training teachers using Kendi books Kendi books for teacher PD's! (retweeted by district superintendent)


Sarasota hires consultant who says teachers should 'thank' black students for shouting 'this is boring' in class because it is 'cultural'

District hired consultant who began the session by encouraging teachers to potentially shame one another publicly if they saw a colleague being racially insensitive. He used the example of Amy Cooper. He said teachers need to consider whether students’ behavior is cultural, and if so to look for a way to validate and affirm the behavior... he …


Systemic Racism and Teaching to Black/White Students Differently

"Training for teaching staff on a supposed e-learning training day. Racially biased material that encourages teachers to teach different ly to black and white students. The Charlotte Danielson framework for teacher evaluations has been adopted by many school districts. it is a very fair evaluation. It really holds teachers accountable. However, The priorities specified in the language …


San Francisco may eliminate admissions standards at most rigorous school due to equity

San Francisco school officials dropped a bombshell proposal Friday, recommending that admissions to the academically exclusive Lowell High School be subject to random lottery for the fall, meaning all entering freshmen would have equal odds of getting in regardless of grades or test scores. Lowell generally admits students based on a score that takes into account grade-point …


Social & Political Expression Guidance for BSD Staff & Community

"We have received numerous questions from both staff and community members about the appropriate manner in which to express social or political viewpoints in schools — whether virtual or in-person. We understand and appreciate that our students, families and staff have beliefs that span the political spectrum."


School district president's zoom background features "woke" books

During the school board meeting the mount diablo unified school district president had his background set as a library of "woke" books, including one called "White Fragility"

New York

Culturally responsive education

Good evening below you will find many different lakes all stemming from the Spencerport high school website. My son is in the 9th grade and I was shocked on what they are Teaching these kids! This has to stop! Hopefully the links will work!


7th grade English unit "How to be an AntiRacist" based on Kendi book

"The 7th grade English class is using a Kendi book for a unit and the KEY concepts in the syllabus include: racist ideas are embedded in the hypocritical founding fathers and US government; racist ideas, along with economic greed, are central to the formation of this nation, its laws, policies, and practices; meritocracy and the American Dream …


4th grade Social Studies socializes students to property, capitalism vs. socialism, activism

"4th graders are asked to read assigned articles for Social Studies/Language Arts on a website called Newsela. Many of the articles assigned were taken from the Zinn Education Project (ZEP), whose purpose is to lead students to question their history textbooks. I personally don't have an issue with studying history from a critical lens. But upon a …


6th graders told they are part of 'subordinate' culture, taught to identify 'microagressions' like "I don't see color"

September 17th the children had to read excerpts from the book titled, "This book is anti-racist" in class. Some of the things they read included: "Anti-racism is actively working against racism. It is making a commitment to resisting unjust laws, policies and racist attitudes. Anti-racism is how we get free from centuries of living in a racialized …


Teacher training discusses incorporating social justice into PE, using science the examine 'effects of capitalism'

A recent training program at Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) provided materials advising teachers to incorporate “social justice” into all courses, including subjects such as physical education and math. “When we teach, we either reinforce the oppressive status quo, or we work with students to dismantle it,” the training-program material stated. As an example, the training program suggested …

North Carolina

Equity teaching resources for teachers and staff

These resources support talking to students about racism, becoming an ally to "challenge institutionalized racism" and understanding privilege. They also describe social movement terminology such as "No Justice, No Peace" and "Black Lives Matter"


Objectivity and Individualism are taught as "white supremacy culture" in elementary school.

Online screenshot showing school faculty sharing Tema Okun and Kenneth Jones's 15 characteristics of white supremacy culture as curriculum.


LOSD adopts policy to "proactively teach anti-racism"

ANTI-RACISM BOARD RESOLUTION A Resolution Of The Lake Oswego School Board Of Directors Condemning Racism And Committing To Being An Anti-Racist School District WHEREAS, members of the Lake Oswego School Board, as well as the Lake Oswego School District staff, are saddened and outraged by recent events that demonstrate the prejudice and injustice that persists in our …


NAACP issues 'Terms of Conciliation' demanding elimination of tests and grades for gifted programs

The NAACP is demanding Loudoun County Public Schools eliminate standardized testing and grades as a criteria for admission into LCPS gifted programs. The group recently posted "Terms of Conciliation" for the school system. That's in favor of "admission on a random basis" to interested students via a "lottery," so long as the end result "is reflective of …


School district warns parents against monitoring kids' classes

"Parents of students who attend Rutherford County Schools (RCS) in Tennessee were sent a note telling them that they must sign a form agreeing not to monitor their child’s online classroom sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic."


McLean High School social studies chair laments the pledge of allegiance

'Our state is supposedly still requiring the pledge of allegiance this year,' she/her/hers said.


Implicit Bias Indoctrination During Morning Roll Call

Fairfax says it is "implicit bias" to not pick short people for a basketball team.


Critical Race Theory Indoctrination/Book Banning

"More nonsense CRT from yet another school board intent on imposing their beliefs on the rest of this. Potentially banning certain classic books, including ones written by authors of color? When will it end? Many in this district do NOT agree with the direction the school board has taken." Justin Riner, English Chair at John Muir Middle …


Menlo Park City School District's "Journey to Antiracism"

The school board passed a resolution committing to "creating anti-racist classrooms, schools, and communities." "An Antiracism Advisory Team of about 40 parents, teachers, and staff who are helping steer the conversation for MPCSD and will be working throughout the year to help identify where and how we can change our current actions, policies, and curriculum to make …


Loudoun County Equity, Systematic Racism, Equity Plans, and Equity Training

The overarching documents that are being used to push critical theories into the schools.


VA Board of Ed Recommends Entire State-wide Curricula be updated with CRT

VA Board of Ed recommends that Critical Race Theory, works by DiAngelo, Kendi, and Singleton, and the 1619 Project be used to revamp the entire education curriculum for the entire state.


Albemarle County says racism is whenever outcomes aren't the same

Assumes that disparity of outcome correlated to race necessarily implies systemic racism. Proposes to combat inequity by the promotion of equity, diversity, and restorative justice. Draws on "Institutional racism: occurs within institutions and organizations, such as schools, that adopt and maintain policies, practices, and procedures that often unintentionally produce inequitable outcomes for people of color and …

New York

'Helping Elementary-School Children Address Unjust Systems in Their School' By Having Them Count Races Instead Of Learn Math

When I taught third grade at a public school in the East Village of New York City, I realized that even though my students were actively interested in growing identities as anti-racist global citizens, the classroom library we read from each day was lacking in racial diversity. This was an issue I knew my students could take …


Equity Framework Theory of Action

On the district website there are several links to Anti-Racist Ideology and a framework for a new anti hate-speech policy recently passed by the District. There is a lot of critical race theory ideology and anti-black racist ideology being put out by the district.

New Jersey

Elementary school principal hoping to overcome his white fragility by scoffing at community concerns

Elementary school principal blog post and tweets. He read Kendi's book over the summer...


Parents livid as school’s BLM presentation teaches kids they’re racist

"Black Lives Matter presentation given to Skyline High School students in Sammamish, Washington on Sept. 29. Grades 9-12 were offered the curriculum. Among the nearly 40-slide PowerPoint, students are hit with a number of progressive political concepts like microaggressions and white privilege. They’re told of a country overwhelmed by systemic racism. If you don’t think you’re a …


Evanston aims to bring black students to school, with whites in distance learning

Evanston schools would give students from marginalized groups first priority for seats for in-person learning and all other students would be taught remotely. Its response to parents who objected: “You are part of a continuum of resistance to equity and desire to maintain white supremacy.” "He is considering dropping a national math test in 6th grade to …


ASCD promotes 'antiracist grading'

the term "fall behind" is a social construct.... there are multiple ways a kid can express their knowing. And so if you know 2+2=4, one way you can express your knowing is by writing it. Another way you can express your knowing is by discussing it. A third way is by creating a model that shows it. …

New York

Superintendent tells children Floyd died of systemic racism

"Below is a link to the Canandaigua City School district equity and inclusion page where the Superintendent (Jamie Farr) claims George Floyd died due to systematic racism (Coroner report states Fentanyl overdose) and used the event to tell the public how we still have to do better only 12 days after George Floyds death. The links on …


AP US History instructs students to write essay on how they are "oppressed"

"Madison HS AP history taught the idea of "cultural appropriation" as if it were purely negative and not a controversial definition. No recognition that adopting other people's habits is how assimilation occurs and how one culture learns from another. The class is non-stop leftism from start to finish. Rather than providing a linear chronology so students can …


LGBT History mandatory statewide

"No pupils shall be graduated from the eighth grade of any public school unless he or she has received such instruction"


Bias in babies video

My 6th grader was shown this video (from CNN) this morning as part of the schoolwide “Positivity Project.”


2nd graders taught “Cops stick up for each other. And they don’t like Black men”

2nd graders shown video saying “Cops stick up for each other. And they don’t like Black men.” School spokeswoman barks at reporter that “there really isn’t a story here, essentially, its a non-story."


Middle school teaches rioters are ‘freedom fighters,’ pushes bail-fund donations

A Seattle public school taught students as young as 11-years-old to refer to a riot as an “uprising” and rioters as “freedom fighters.” Students were even encouraged to donate to bail-funds that have recently been tied to helping release an accused child rapist. But, the teacher responsible for the lessons says there’s no problem with the ask. …


Teacher tells student admiring Trump is not permitted, kicks him out of classroom, misleads mom

Brendan Stanton, a middle school teacher at P.G. Keithley Middle School in Tacoma, asked students who they admired and why. One student answered President Trump. The teacher replied “The example that was shared in the chat, which I went ahead and erased for us, was not appropriate right? Especially as that individual has created so much division …


Schools want to channel kids' fears

"Racial justice: In the midst of the pandemic, racist violence in the United States made headlines across the globe... for months, people have protesting against racism and racial violence.... What are your fears right now and how can we help channel that in a positive way?" --9th grade homeroom, 10/05/2020, Howard High School:


Maryland school board member resigns after publicly hoping Trump dies

Jacqueline Fischer, who has served on the Washington County School Board since 2002, wrote: “Since he has tested positive for COVID19, maybe the country will get lucky and he will die.. I hope he dies from it. That would solve a lot of America’s problems.”


Teacher laughs at president's illness, pushes conspiracy theories

"This is a video clip of a 9th grade teacher on Zoom talking very degrading about the president and his COVID case in an extremely biased manner, saying he will 'pretend he created a cure' and mocking him. We look to and trust our teachers to not teach like this. Children should be able to form their …


3rd grade: BLM propaganda and raised Black Power Fist

My child’s third grade San Francisco public school class on the second day of Zoom school (8/19/20) had to watch a video of someone reading a book (“Milo’s Museum”) that featured an “auntie” wearing a BLM movement (Black Lives Matter) t-shirt. (No mother or father appears in the book for the main character child, just an auntie …


Easy sex: English assignment is to read graphic story, then answer "Did you like it?"

Below is an assignment given to 10th grade students at Robinson Secondary School in Fairfax, Virginia. "Another fine example of FCPS' X-rated agenda." Directions: Read Margaret Atwood’s short story “Happy Endings.” Then respond to the questions below. Below, write your initial reactions to the story. Did you like it? If so, what particularly did you enjoy? If …

New York

Assistant principal screams 'f**ck the police!'

Steven Lysenko, an assistant principal in the Spencerport Central School District who helps to oversee the “Ninth Grade and Academy,” dressed in all black (the typical look for Antifa anarchists) and shouted “f**k the police!”


MBHS portal for diversity, equity and inclusion instructional resources

Blair High School names 'diversity coordinator'


State of Vermont Agency of Education

State of Vermont Agency of Education - Educational Equity - Equity and Diversity Professional Development Provider List - Equity Lens Tool - Educational Equity Brief Series - Integrated Educational Frameworks to Support Equity - Restorative Practices


Equity and Diversity Education Department

Clark County School District Equity and Diversity Education Department


Mississippi Board of Education Strategic Plan Incorporates 'Culturally Responsive Practice (CRP)'

"Revise the process for reviewing and approving teacher and administrator programs leading to licensure, with increased emphasis on: candidates’ content and pedagogical knowledge; ensuring the MCCRS are embedded throughout programs; embedding Culturally Responsive Practice (CRP) throughout programs; and, candidates’ ability to provide literacy and numeracy interventions for struggling and diverse learners."

South Carolina

Richland County School District One 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan emphasizes 'Equity.'


Chandler spends $420,000 on for-profit Equity consultant while asking taxpayers for more money

Corwin’s “Deep Equity” program appears to have been first promoted by the Arizona School Board Association (ASBA) in 2017. At the time, Dr. Adama Sallu, participated in the ASBA event as an “Equity Expert.” One year later, Sallu was hired as the Director of Equity and Inclusion for Chandler Unified.... Jose Borrajero, founder of the Arizona People’s …


Pennsylvania District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons for Kindergartners

"will require fourth and fifth graders to read Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness, which claims that white people who relate to police officers or decline to watch the news are complicit in racism. The curriculum also assigns A Kid's Book About Racism to kindergarten and first graders. One parent said 'the book teaches kids not …

New Jersey

New Jersey Department of Education - Equity in Action Conference 2020

The Office of Professional Learning, in partnership with the Long Branch Public School District, cordially invites you to join us for the New Jersey Department of Education’s (NJDOE) second annual statewide equity event, “Equity in Action."

New York

New York State United Teachers - Social Justice

"Racism lesson plans... how whites can be better allies"


Instructional Resources - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The resources in this section focus on instructional practices for new teachers to implement.


Equity: Wisconsin’s Model to Inform Culturally Responsive Practices

The Model to Inform Culturally Responsive Practices describes the beliefs, knowledge, and practices Wisconsin educators, schools, and districts need to reach and teach diverse students within their culturally responsive multi-level systems of support. It’s not a checklist or a toolkit; rather, cultural responsiveness is a way of being and knowing. It’s how we show up to do …


Emphasizing Equitable and Culturally Responsive Practices Toolkit

This toolkit provides guidance and resources to support current and aspiring school principals in developing their personal capacity for leadership and meeting the criteria outlined in the Utah State Standards for Educational Leadership. Specifically, this toolkit is designed to develop current and aspiring principals' skills and knowledge related to Strand 7: Equity and Cultural Responsiveness.


Clayton Valley Charter High School's Equity and Inclusion Lending Library

My child's high school (Clayton Valley Charter High School) recently made an "Equity and Inclusion Lending Library." The library has titles such as "White Fragility" and "Call Me By Your Name," which is a book about a 17-year-old boy who is on vacation with his parents and has a sexual relationship with a 25-year-old man he meets …


Schools push BLM video encouraging students to make people "uneasy"

An app called BrainPop, including this video, was placed by the Mount Diablo School District on my child's google classroom account.


Oregon Draft Policy Requires 'Ethnic Studies' In Every Grade Starting From Kindergarten

Kindergarten Standard: "Develop an understanding of one's own identity groups including, but not limited to, race, gender, family, ethnicity, culture, religion, and ability." Then in first grade, "Describe how individual and group characteristics are used to divide."


Equity at Lexington Public Schools

This portion of our district website provides information and resources from the office of Equity & Student Supports, which works to ensure learning opportunities and systems that are fair and just for all students, staff, and families.

New York

Saratoga Springs High School 'Privilege Worksheet'

In a prepared statement Manny provided Thursday in response to questions about the activity, the district highlighted its core belief in “equity of opportunity” and said “our school district continues to champion efforts fostering and facilitating growth in becoming a culturally competent school community.”


First day of 2nd grade English: Pictures of whites attacking blacks, cartoons of whites mocking Mexicans

"My daughter just started second grade @MetroSchools. I will be pulling her out immediately. Her first “English” lesson of the year is teaching her that white people are bad, mean & racist against African-Americans & Mexicans. My daughter, 7, is not a racist nor is her family."


Sullivan High School - Reclaiming and Reshaping the Idea of America and its Founding

"After reading the Declaration of Independence and “The Idea of America by @nhannahjones, @SullivanTigers students used erasure poetry and acrostics to reclaim and reshape the idea of America and its founding. @pulitzercenter"


School board says parents will be punished for criticizing it

The North West Hendricks School Corporation’s “ Parent Code of Conduct ” says parents shouldn’t use social media to “campaign against or fuel outrage against... policies implemented by the school or district.” Parents who violate the policy can be removed from the school premises or banned from entering school grounds in the future. Parents and the ACLU …

New York

New York State Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework

"The New York State Education Department (NYSED) has come to understand that the results we seek for all our children can never be fully achieved without incorporating an equity and inclusion lens in every facet of our work."


Forth Worth Trustees Pass Racial Equity Resolution

The resolution is intended to prevent silencing, retaliating against, or marginalizing any parents or community members who are engaged in racial equity conversations. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fort Worth Independent School District will address any attempt by anyone working within our District to silence, retaliate against, or delegitimize the experience of parents and community …


8th grade Science

This assignment had 15-16 questions along with “evidence”. Students were tasked with choosing the best statement supported by the “evidence.” The “evidence” for two of the questions was clearly political and only gave a snippet of biased information.


School board proposes banning teachers from disagreeing with Equity policies, even in private, personal phone calls

A school board proposal being voted on Oct. 12 says the "First Amendment... may be outweighed" by LCPS interest in "promoting internal..and external community harmony" about "the goal to root out systemic racism." As West Nova News summarizes: "The proposed change would cover all communication by Loudoun County Schools' employees, on campus or off, by telephone, in …


Reimagining What’s Possible: Activating Literacy as a Pathway to Critical Consciousness (Course Outline, 11th grade)

This is Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District, California. This course outline on their 11th Grade page on their website is all Woke indoctrination. Pictures of the course outline are attached.


School officials used vandalism incident to fuel narrative of oppression while concealing that culprit was black

Officials apparently used hate-crime incident at Churchill High School to fuel narrative of anti-minority sentiment and the need for busing at the wealthy school, while concealing that the student culprit, who was arrested, was black.

North Carolina

Orange Sets Up Segregated "Affinity Spaces"

"Our first Affinity Space is for African American Staff. We are making these African American Affinity Spaces available starting this week and we will continue to make these spaces available throughout the year.”


Fairfax Submits Teachers To Anti-Racism Training

Teachers "trained" with videos instructing them to work to defund the police, and excoriating "white woman's tears," while children are to read "Me and white supremacy"


"Virginia’s teachers, including black teachers, are by official state policy racists until converted into 'allies'"

Governor Northam on August 24, 2020 declared Virginia’s schools guilty of systemic (structural) racism and declared his intention to “build antiracist school communities.” If schools are racist, who's committing it? Teachers.


Falls Church Shifts From Equality to Equity

DC area's highest-performing, wealthiest and whitest district aims to be "culturally responsive" with typo-ridden documents ("learn more about what is White Privilege, its history, and it's [sic] impact.")


Loudoun Spends $422,000 to teach white kids they're racist

Says "white supremacy culture," defining 70% of school students, includes "perfectionism," "objectivity," "fear or open conflict," and "worship of the written word."


Howard moves to reject "white, middle-class norms"

Draft policy says an "equity lens" means "comparable academic and enrichment programs" regardless of "perceived academic ability," characterizes large part of county as "oppressed peoples," and says "systemic racism" among its own staff is responsible for academic "outcomes" of students. In public comment on related bill, 97% of comments were opposed to a busing component also included …

New York

Teaching 'the disruption of Western nuclear family'

The lesson plans prepared by the Buffalo Public Schools’ Office of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives, instruct teachers to discuss various “guiding principles” with students including “Black Villages,” which they describe as "the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other.”


Edina disbands honors program, makes English a movie-watching seminar on 'Colonization'

'What’s going to be different in this class from the English classes I’m used to? '