California PTA Celebrates Governor's Announcement for Reckless Spending

Take a look at California PTA's email celebrating Governor Newsom's May 2021 Budget Proposal. It may sound good, but I see it as reckless spending with no accountability or proven track record. It moves power from the local level to the state level--and eventually to the federal level. In other words, as power moves away locally, parents …


Howard Zinn's Socialist Propaganda in Issaquah School District

Socialist propagandist Howard Zinn is a cornerstone of Issaquah School District's Social Studies and History curricula. We provide a list of official, public Issaquah School District documents that feature Howard Zinn's propaganda. There are many more.

New York

Indoctrination being pushed by English teacher

Sarah Krajewski teaches English 9, English 12, and Journalism at Cleveland Hill High School. Here is small list of the books being taught in her class. All American Boys – by BLM favorite author Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely Stamped – Race bating counter history by Ibram X. Kendi & Jason Reynolds The Kite Runner - The …


8th graders asked to think about the 'struggle' and 'can democracy exist without equity?'

This was assigned to a middle school 8th grade class.


Middletown Area School District Includes Radical "CAIU: All In" Newsletter in General Business Agenda

In at least two recent general business meetings (3/16/21 & 2/16/21), the Middletown Area School District included the Capital Area Intermediate Unit's radical newsletter publication "CAIU: All In." In these two issues of the newsletter, the newsletter featured articles titled, "Equity- Avoiding Racial Equity Detours" and "Equity: Unpacking White Privilege." The articles discuss numerous tenets of Critical …


Largest teacher's union in MN promotes racist resources for teachers

The screenshots and narrative was given to me by a parent while her son was in school and 3 times in that morning, October 7, 2020, his teachers brought up BLM in class. There was a policy in Osseo School District 279 in MN, that teachers were not to promote ideology in the classroom and topics like …


LGBTQ+ Promotion in Grades K-2 at Anchor Elementary

Anchor Elementary serves young fives through second grade. School-wide, the next two months will focus on LGBTQ+ stories on the walls, in discussions, and through classroom readings. This political content is offered at a very young age and without regard to some parents' religious beliefs or the age appropriateness of discussing sexual preferences and gender dysmorphia in …


Hingham Schools recommends reading "Mama, Ella has a Penis" because Social Justice

Under the "Resources to Talk to Children about Race and Racism" section, there are ten links to websites that are basically critical race theory websites. On the Social Justice Resources website, recommended reading includes: "Mama, Ella has a Penis" On the RaceConscious.Org website: 1) Explicit, proactive language around race: “We are called White, but it’s confusing …Look. …


West Hartford assigns survey to find out if you are 'dominant' or 'non-dominant' (oppressed)

West Hartford assigns survey to find out if you are 'dominant' or 'non-dominant' (oppressed)


'Difficult Conversations' about Equity in North Penn

"Topics surrounding equity can often be difficult conversations for parents/guardians to have with their children, but it is important for these conversations to take place. Please refer to the below materials for helpful resources and best practices." Links to ABC News, Southern Poverty Law Center, NPR, among others. Seems to be one-sided. School board election coming up …


In deep-red, 78% white Indiana, state department of education tells teachers to 'Talk about Race in the Classroom,' cites Ibram X. Kendi

The Professional Development for Cultural Sensitivity Training is sourced completely by radical leftwing agenda. Assimilation is white supremacy. Sources include: Ibram X. Kendi Michelle Obama Robin Di'Angelo Southern Poverty Law Center


Indoctrinating young kids on gender identities

Posted from Elk Grove School District page. "The Youth Development Office provides district-wide support to EGUSD’s LGBTQIA+ students, staff and families. The Youth Development Office staff facilitate awareness building training on LGBTQIA+ issues, provide district-level coordination and support for campus Gender Sexuality Alliance Clubs (GSA) and other site-based LGBTQ programs, and consult with EGUSD school staff on …


"White Privilege" Inserted Into Teacher Training Materials. When parents object, school board member says it proves their fragility.

County school district Cultural Competency courses for teachers includes concept of "White Privilege". School board member KC Haugh makes light of parent and teacher concerns, saying their anger shows why courses are needed.


"Why" Equity superintendent video

Superintendent discussing equity in IWCS


Seattle Education Association Equity Newsletter - May 2021

SEA Racial Equity Newsletter - May 2021 SEA is working to build out a stronger vision for anti-racism in our union and across our education system! We created the SEA Racial Equity Newsletter to inform SEA membership of Racial Equity Opportunities and provide more resources so this work can continue in each of our spaces. This month’s …


Fairfax County Public Schools, partnering with The Leadership Academy, proposes replacing "Controversial Issues" Policy with "Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Education" Policy

From the FCPS website (link below): "...FCPS is analyzing and addressing the beliefs and policies that inform what is taught in schools. The school division is beginning the process by revising the existing Controversial Issues Policy (Policy 3280.3) and developing a new Anti-Racism, Anti-Bias Education Curriculum Policy." FCPS is now conducting a survey to determine what should …


Hilliard CRT 3 year plan and Staff & Teacher Zoom training slides

CRT 3 year plan and Staff & Teacher Zoom training slides


Superintendent says if parents take kids out of brainwashing sessions, they will be marked absent

Within the 3 clips Marschhausen voices displeasure at parents who check their kids out of school that don't agree with CRT and how these instances will count as absences.


Hilliard Ohio City Schools Equity Action Plan

CRT action plan


Supporting an Equitable & Culturally Responsive Environment - Professional Learning 2020

Equity training for elementary, middle, and high school teachers - summer 2020.