'Rainbow Representatives' To Talk To Young Kids

See page 21 of the attached document for gender identity and sexual orientation instruction timelines Also note that there is a huge emphasis on trusted adults which sounds benign, but every school has a Rainbow Representative---an adult kids are supposed to talk to about gender identity and sex and the adult promises not to tell anyone. Regardless …


Elementary School Rainbow Representatives: Adults kids are supposed to tell secrets about gender/sex to

Starting in pre-k, the school teaches kids gender identity ideology and sexual orientation. If they are successful in getting kids to doubt their gender, the kids are supposed to talk to the school's Rainbow Representative--an adult who will affirm the student's gender identity and promises not to tell anyone, including the kid's parents. There is no way …


Equity in Iowa "Commitment to Equity Ames CSD is committed to a school system that supports educational excellence regardless of ethnicity, race, color, national origin, age, different abilities, religion, marital or parental status, political affiliations or beliefs, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. Equitable academic programs and services that respond to the needs of a diverse student …


BLM Week

Granted this was from the 2020-2021 school year, it is still very much in the forethought of the administration in Ames. They are working to change language in order to not be so blatant with their woke agenda.


District website: Equity and opportunity in Westbrook schools

Providing professional learning; ... How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi ...


Howard Hughes Corporation: Nikole Hannah-Jones Scholarship

The Howard Hughes Corporation, the one that brags that their business model is to own and control counties, is offering a Nikole Hannah-Jones Scholarship. This is the same Corporation that employs an astounding 11 lobbyists in Howard County and does things like push for strategic busing to maximize corporation profits. I am not aware of the 1619 …


Restorative Justice aka CRT

GCEA has 2 workshops this month, one for LGBTQ, the other for Restorative Justice (a fancy disguise for Critical Race Theory fundamentals.


EL Learning Curriculum

McMinn County Schools adopted EL "Expeditionary Learning" curriculum for their K-8 English courses. This curriculum explicitly states on its website that it is dedicated to "equity" and anti-racism, which means Critical Race Theory. They even quote Ibram X. Kendi, the most prominent CRT advocate of our time. The School Board went against board policy to choose it …


Partner district for EL Curriculum

EL Learning is a curriculum dedicated to Critical Race Theory under the guise of "anti-racism" and "equity." It is explicitly stated on their website and Hamilton County Schools is listed as one of their partner districts. Parents beware!


MCPS 'Anti-Racist' Audit Asks 6th Graders If They Are 'Genderqueer'

"Our students have been crying out for support as evidenced by the creation of multiple social media pages that shared student experiences with racism within our building. We have had multiple hate/bias related incidents that have required us to send letters to the community. This has included students in our Chinese community feeling targeted as a result …


Equity Audit Report

Very concerning report which will translate into curricula for students. One major red flag is the recommendation by the consultant group "Ally to Accomplice" to "get ahead of parent push back" and to offer the excuse of diversity, equity, and inclusion as a benefit to children.


Activating Students at The Stevenson School

The following are written excerpts of communications from The Stevenson School. There are many examples of what is said verbally to students, and what is and isn't being taught. January 10, 2022 “Monday Minutes” sent by email: Student Action Items EDUCATE, ADVOCATE and ACTIVATE! Monday is the formal honoring of Dr. King. This year, his daughter Rev. …


State-wide Curriculum: Christopher Columbus Was a Terrorist

The new mandatory state-wide curriculum designed by SERC under Public Act No. 19-12 indoctrinates children to be activists. Along with numerous attempts to rewrite history throughout this curriculum, it also includes a unit, found on page 162 of the PDF, designed to turn children into activists, take action against their school districts, and demand the abolition of …


Hiring parameters

One of the qualifying factors of hiring a principal for Lakeview Schools that they adhere to diversity and inclusion standards aka (Diversity, equity, and inclusion/CRT). This is according to their own hiring criteria. page 31 (on the document not the PDF page number).


School Policy KLB-E Submission

The attached documents were submitted to school division, in accordance with policy KLB-E, to request reconsideration of these so-called "learning resources". Numerous examples of electronic media that is available to students in K-12 via their school issued electronic device.


Discover Learning App

App purchased contains numerous bit of controversial materials related to CRT and social justice issues.


Teacher of Color Hiring Event

Teacher of Color virtual hiring event is being held by the Boulder Valley School District on February 12th from 9 am to 1 pm.


Pizza and consent

Paper assignment handed out to eighth graders admitted it wasn’t supposed to. The papers used pizza terminologies as metaphors for sexual preferences cheese equals kissing olives equal giving oral


CT taxes to provide racially segregated teacher trainings

On their website, SERC defines itself as a "quasi-public agency established under statute to serve the CT State Board of Education in supporting educational equity and excellence." However, its internal documents proclaim that SERC seeks "to better serve Connecticut’s students and their families, particularly Black and Brown students, students learning English, and students with disabilities through advocacy …


Grant Funded Segregation and race based pay (b) Teacher mentoring programs must be included in or aligned with districts' teacher evaluation and peer review processes under sections 122A.40, subdivision 8, and 122A.41, subdivision 5. A district may use staff development revenue under section 122A.61, special grant programs established by the legislature, or another funding source to pay a stipend to a mentor who …