What does 'restorative justice' really look like? Not much like justice when it comes to assesses truth of allegations

A first grader in this community returned after Winter break to find his desk had been moved to the back corner of the classroom. He was later pulled out of the classroom by himself and asked by the principle if he knew any “racist” words and if he remembered calling a classmate a racist word prior to …

New York

Fringe Activist-shaped Anti-Racist Fourth Graders, With No Chance To Opt Out

Parents of 4th & 8th graders were just emailed about our children having to participate in a recently planned anti racist curriculum project with no option to opt out or never given a chance to voice our opinion against this kind of indoctrination. Teachers had their anti racist training last week (as proudly announced on their Facebook …


Social Emotional Learning used to teach about Systemic Inequity, Oppression, and Privilege

In Northbrook School District 28, Meadowbrook ES, Fifth Grade Teacher, Jess Lifshitz, (@Jess5th) posted this on her Twitter account on March 23, 2021. "Our SEL lessons are now focused on systems and how they oppress & privilege. I wrote & illustrated (barely) this story/lesson to help my students understand how past systemic injustice impacts the present. I'd …


VB Teacher Mandatory Training tells teachers to admit that they are racist

This is a video of teacher training that was mandatory for Elementary School Literacy Teachers in Virginia Beach. It tells teachers that they should admit that they are racist.


Redwood High School English teacher has students write Ibram X. Kendi fan fiction

My child was given the attached assignment by Danielle Kestenbaum, the English Teacher. It is pure CRT.


Without examples of a problem, Williamson hires $55k consultant "to improve... inclusion"

The school board voted unanimously at its February meeting to approve a contract that will pay FHS $55,000 through the end of July. A decision will be made later whether the company and WCS continue their relationship into the next school year. Foster-Horne said the process — and she emphasized the full process could take three to …


Educational Equity

A third party consulting group called Education Elements has been hired to rework the curriculum and create an equity strategy. They call themselves a steering committee, and they are “Partners brought in to lead trainings on unconscious bias and raise awareness for LGBTQ issues”


Job Preference for "Cultural Identity Master Badge"

This document seems to show that teachers who submit to certain trainings on this topic will receive preference in job promotions


Racist Teachings in Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach Schools have been implementing racist teacher training and curriculum under the guise of "culturally responsive practices". They deny they are teaching Critical Race Theory, but the examples attached fit the definition of CRT.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley Requests Employees Fulfill ‘Diversity’ Quota In Job Application Process

One of the nation’s top investment banking firms is requesting that employees fulfill a “diversity” quota in the job application process. According to internal slides obtained by The Daily Wire, Morgan Stanley is mandating that job application pools meet a 50 percent threshold of “diverse” candidates. Employees were told to contact the company’s human resources department if …


Art projects

The 7th grade teacher has been asking students to use blm and lbgtq imagery in their artwork. She also highlighted an artist who paints depictions of cops killing black men.


CISD Libraries Contain Sexually Explicit Content

Who is ordering these books? Why are we using tax payer dollars to purchase these titles? These are answers we cannot get our hands on. Parents want academic-focused literature and curriculum without sexually explicit content or extreme profanity. #bringbacktheclassics #noporn


Cigna's critical race theory training: Don't say 'brown bag lunch' and be mindful of 'religious privilege'

Employees at one of the nation's largest health insurance providers are routinely subjected to far-left critical race theory lessons and asked not to consider white men in hiring decisions, according to leaked documents and chat logs obtained by the Washington Examiner. Those who work at Cigna told the Washington Examiner that they are expected to undergo sensitivity …


Deloitte Tells Employees ‘Microaggressions’ Are Considered A Punishable Offense

One of the world’s largest accounting and consulting firms told employees that unintentional “microaggressions” are considered a punishable offense. During a mandatory “anti-racism” training, U.S. employees at Deloitte were introduced to the company’s new “anti-racist culture.” Employees were told they are expected to help cultivate the “anti-racist” culture when working with personnel and clients and promote “equity.” …


2nd graders reading "I am Jazz"

At the end of school last year, during the pandemic, one of the required reading assignments presented online was the book I am Jazz, which is the story of a boy transitioning to a girl. This took me completely by surprise. My 7 year old was thoroughly confused and I had no time to prepare for the …


I thought this was a history class

While I don't think Beacon Academy of Nevada uses ccsd curriculum It has become increasing obvious to me what I am learning is woke, marxist, and blue pilled in nature. Some assignments from former classes I have taken at this school were so frustratingly woke they affected my grade because I didn't want to regurgitate the "facts" …


Teaching Equity Conference - March 16, 2019

Professional development training for educators on how to combat "white privilege" and "institutional racism." Pilchuck Diversity Network Teaching Equity Conference - March 16, 2019 UNDERSTANDING WHITE PRIVILEGE IN SCHOOLS (1.5HR) Presenter: Jon Greenberg Session Description: As uncomfortable as the topics of race and racism are, we as educators have an urgent responsibility to deeply understand them, not …


Learning for Justice Topics and Anti Racism Resources that are taught in the Broward County School Board public school system

See PDF and link I attached. Also they attached this video link on there site: Another link: Once you get on the Broward Count School Board Site go to ACADEMICS, Then scroll down and you will see Young Voices matter then click on that and you will see everything as well as additional links. …


Nebraska proposed Health Education Standards

The State board of education in it's newly proposed Health Education Standards, is proposing what looks like Critical race theory, sexuality and gender identities to be taught as young as kindergarten. These new standards are expected to be approved by the state later this year.