Mental health in the dual pandemics of COVID-19 and systemic racism

July 27th & 28th Rising Together: An OKCPS Professional Learning Event BACK TO SCHOOL 2020: MENTAL HEALTH IN THE DUAL PANDEMICS OF COVID-19 & SYSTEMIC RACISM Denique Boxhill, MS, MA, APCC Sitar Mody Scott, MA, AMFT Taquelia Washington, MS, LCSW, PPS LEARNING OBJECTIVES Students, educators, and administrators are experiencing unprecedented impacts from two concurrent pandemics. COVID-19 and …


Thoreau (LWSD) principal says district wants to create students who can 'collectively impact lasting change' like Chauvin verdict

Dear Thoreau Families, Last June, our district leadership sent a letter to our LWSD community in response to the horrific and senseless death of George Floyd. Today, the jury in the trial against Derek Chauvin returned guilty verdicts for murder and manslaughter in George Floyd’s death. While these guilty verdicts help us to have hope for real …


Crossroads Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism workshop

Per the Lindbergh school district website: “In addition to EEC (Educational Equity Consultants), our elementary and middle school instructional design coaches participated in the Crossroads Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism workshop.” Per the Crossroads Antiracism website: Our Approach Principles We are guided by the following principles: -Crossroads’ work is built upon a systemic power analysis of white …


Chauvin verdict: Why would a public school system send an email giving its opinion on a political issue across the country?

News Release April 20, 2021 Message to FCPS Community Dear FCPS Community, As we process the verdict in the Derek Chauvin murder trial, we realize many of our staff and students are experiencing a range of emotions. Our thoughts are called to many different places: where we were last year, where we are now, and the work …


Equity comes to Caroline County, with an assistant superintendent as its soldier

Caroline County assistant district superintendent and the middle school principal attended and spoke at the Black Lives Matter at School conference in February. In March an equity slideshow was shown at the school board meeting where key words such as systemic racism, micro aggressions, implicit bias, and more were used.


Everett Public Schools pushing a singular agenda -- and it's not education

Everett Public Schools has partnered with Bill De La Cruz (https://delacruzsolutions.com) to push the narrative that education was built by white people for white people and is still racist. We have been explicitly told this in professional development trainings, which he has led at the district and school levels. We now have 'land acknowledgments' provided at Board …

New York

F.I.R.E Program for Grades K-12

Is a "Teaching Tolerance" program written by Shane Wiegand a fourth grade teacher from Rush Henrietta CSD. His curriculum includes teaching children the "definition" of racism and the history of racism and inequality of Rochester, NY in the past and today. He starts his teacher training with the definition of racism as: ● Individual- and group-level processes …


Mountain Brook begins implementing diversity committee recommendations

Mountain Brook Schools BEGIN IMPLEMENTING DIVERSITY COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATIONS 1 / 1 Mountain Brook Schools Superintendent Dr. Dicky Barlow (fourth from left) stands with members of the MBS Diversity Committee who attended an April 6 meeting in person. They include, from left to right: Donald Clayton, Dr. Al Cohn, Christy Christian, Charles Woods, Stephen Bridgers, Danny Cohn, Dr. …


BOE and MCPS Statement on Derek Chauvin's Conviction

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of George Floyd. This has been a difficult and painful year. The pain from fighting a deadly virus has been exacerbated and heightened by the all too frequent public killings of African Americans by law enforcement officers. This pain has focused our nation on the longstanding historical injustices that …


Superintendent recommends reading like 'THE THIRD LITTLE PIG: A LESSON ON WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION'

Cherry Creek superintendent writes to parents: "We feel a sense of urgency to speak and to act. Black lives depend on it. Black lives matter." He recommends resources including "Raising Race Conscious Children," which has lessons like this: THE THIRD LITTLE PIG: A LESSON ON WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION April 19, 2016 · by Raising Race Conscious Children · …


Children read 'Black Brother Black Brother,' where a boy 'swims in a sea of whiteness'

It’s a social justice book where a black boy “swims in a sea of whiteness.” Teaches that being white is privileged.


Dexter Social Justice Resolution

The school board adopted a social justice resolution. WHEREAS, we believe that children begin their lives without hatred and bigotry, and that DCS must uphold the public’s trust by fostering understanding, acceptance, respectful civic discourse, and inclusion among our students when they enter the schoolhouse doors...


IDAHO vote imminent on whether to give $6M to activist nonprofit to turn children 0-5 into progressive activists

Idaho state Rep. Heather Scott: SB1193 is a replacement bill for HB226 that the House killed a few weeks ago and will likely be voted on today or tomorrow! It gives $6 million to the Idaho Association for the Education of Young Children (IAEYC), an activist nonprofit group that is affiliated with the National Association of the …

New Hampshire

'Choose Love' 'social emotional learning' curriculum starting in kindergarten

Londonderry schools, starting even in kindergarten, are using Choose Love curriculum. Sounds nice, but it's all about creating social justice warriors, CRT, LGBTQ, and BLM. I do not recommend subjecting your children to this curriculum. It has no place in schools.


LGBTQ+ Class

MCPS is going to be offering an LBGTQ+ studies class to middle and high school students.


Anti-Bias, Anti Racism Staff Video

12-minute video with superintendent, students, and "Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"

New York

Practicing Anti-Racism in a White Community

Dr. Sofia Villenas, an anthropology professor at Cornell who specializes in the teaching and learning of racial justice and cultural citizenship, joins Skaneateles for Social Justice founders Cecilia Marrinan and Hope Glowacki SCS '18 for a discussion on anti-racism education

New Hampshire

Hollis heads down the familiar diversity committee -> consultant -> full CRT road

This past summer, the SAU41 School Boards considered an Equity Initiative which contained the fundamental concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT). If approved, this resolution would require the district to hire an outside consultant (most of whom are strongly committed to CRT) to evaluate school policies relative to race equity. The consultant’s recommendations would be the basis …


Land Acknowledgement and spiritual suggestions for third graders in Bloomington

At Childs Elementary School in Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC), a third grade teacher tweeted a bulletin board with the land acknowledgment display, "WE ARE ON INDIGENOUS LAND!" apparently hand-colored by children. One portion of the display informs: "Land Acknowledgment. What is that? Let us journey together. Take a moment to connect with the land that …


Conservative, Rural Calvert County using 'Social Justice Standards' and 'Anti-Racism'

Whereas, the Calvert County Board of Education is outraged by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, as well as countless other African Americans who have lost their lives as a result of racism and police brutality that persist in our country; and Whereas, all district staff, administrators, teachers, and support staff shall …