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District-level Materials

Lodi Unified School District

No one gets a 0 anymore, even if they don't do any work

"Aspire Benjamin Holt Middle School teacher explained that they are no longer allowed to give zero credit on assignments, students will receive 40% credit on assignments that are left completely blank. The only explanation he could provide was that it was, “just the direction they are moving in”. The same day, the BHM Weekly Announcements email was sent out (attached below), reminding parents to monitor progress on PowerSchool. No mention …

La Cañada Unified School District

La Canada Equity Office Admits 'Classrooms Are Political'

The largely wealthy and heavily Asian district warns parent about 'Not Raising the Next Amy Cooper'after paying consultant Christina Hale-Elliott to tell the school system it is racist.

Burbank Unified School District

School board's politicking doesn't stop with anti-racism: now taking positions on foreign affairs

The Burbank Board of Education approved an "anti-racism resolution" that defines racism as power plus privilege and says it is the product of "white default" culture. The board dismissed comments from one resident who said the move could lead to costly litigation. A teacher, Lucia Bowers, spoke in support of the statement, saying "as a first-generation American growing up in this district, I often felt the push to assimilate... to …

San Diego City Unified School District

District to stop penalizing for late work, review policy on cheating after finding racial disparities

The San Diego Unified School District is overhauling the way it grades students. Board members say the changes are part of a larger effort to combat racism. According to data presented by the district, under the old grading system, teachers fail minority students more than White students. Teachers can no longer consider non-material factors when grading. Things like turning work in on time and classroom behavior. The board will also …

San Juan Unified School District

Critical Race Theory evaluation rubric to pick curriculum

Nicole Kukral, a Program Specialist for K-12 English Language Arts and Social Science – San Juan Unified School District, created an Equity Audit Rubric to help school districts pick curriculum that adheres to Critical Race Theory. Equity consulting firm Epoch Education credits her as the author. The Epoch Education YouTube page has a video of Nicole explaining how she created the Equity Audit Rubric, based on Critical Race Theory, to …

San Francisco Unified School District

San Francisco may eliminate admissions standards at most rigorous school due to equity

San Francisco school officials dropped a bombshell proposal Friday, recommending that admissions to the academically exclusive Lowell High School be subject to random lottery for the fall, meaning all entering freshmen would have equal odds of getting in regardless of grades or test scores. Lowell generally admits students based on a score that takes into account grade-point average and test results while setting aside a limited number of spots for …

Mount Diablo Unified School District

School district president's zoom background features "woke" books

During the school board meeting the mount diablo unified school district president had his background set as a library of "woke" books, including one called "White Fragility"

Campbell Union Elementary School District

6th graders told they are part of 'subordinate' culture, taught to identify 'microagressions' like "I don't see color"

September 17th the children had to read excerpts from the book titled, "This book is anti-racist" in class. Some of the things they read included: "Anti-racism is actively working against racism. It is making a commitment to resisting unjust laws, policies and racist attitudes. Anti-racism is how we get free from centuries of living in a racialized society that keeps us separate and oppressed." "The dominant culture is the group …

Burbank Unified School District

Critical Race Theory Indoctrination/Book Banning

"More nonsense CRT from yet another school board intent on imposing their beliefs on the rest of this. Potentially banning certain classic books, including ones written by authors of color? When will it end? Many in this district do NOT agree with the direction the school board has taken." Justin Riner, English Chair at John Muir Middle School, also spoke during Public Comment to question BUSD’s procedure of removing four …

Menlo Park City Elementary School District

Menlo Park City School District's "Journey to Antiracism"

The school board passed a resolution committing to "creating anti-racist classrooms, schools, and communities." "An Antiracism Advisory Team of about 40 parents, teachers, and staff who are helping steer the conversation for MPCSD and will be working throughout the year to help identify where and how we can change our current actions, policies, and curriculum to make them more inclusive, elevate more voices, and create an environment that promotes antiracist …

Liberty Union High School District

Teacher laughs at president's illness, pushes conspiracy theories

"This is a video clip of a 9th grade teacher on Zoom talking very degrading about the president and his COVID case in an extremely biased manner, saying he will 'pretend he created a cure' and mocking him. We look to and trust our teachers to not teach like this. Children should be able to form their own opinions."

San Francisco Unified School District

3rd grade: BLM propaganda and raised Black Power Fist

My child’s third grade San Francisco public school class on the second day of Zoom school (8/19/20) had to watch a video of someone reading a book (“Milo’s Museum”) that featured an “auntie” wearing a BLM movement (Black Lives Matter) t-shirt. (No mother or father appears in the book for the main character child, just an auntie and a grandfather.) The child appears to be transgender, having a male name, …

Mount Diablo Unified School District

Clayton Valley Charter High School's Equity and Inclusion Lending Library

My child's high school (Clayton Valley Charter High School) recently made an "Equity and Inclusion Lending Library." The library has titles such as "White Fragility" and "Call Me By Your Name," which is a book about a 17-year-old boy who is on vacation with his parents and has a sexual relationship with a 25-year-old man he meets in town while on vacation. Other titles included in the library are "For …

Mount Diablo Unified School District

Schools push BLM video encouraging students to make people "uneasy"

An app called BrainPop, including this video, was placed by the Mount Diablo School District on my child's google classroom account.

Los Angeles Unified School District

Reimagining What’s Possible: Activating Literacy as a Pathway to Critical Consciousness (Course Outline, 11th grade)

This is Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School in the Los Angeles Unified School District, California. This course outline on their 11th Grade page on their website is all Woke indoctrination. Pictures of the course outline are attached.