State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


State of Colorado parrots Teaching Tolerance: All Students Need Anti-Racism Education

Teaching Tolerance: All Students Need Anti-Racism Education Schools across the nation are committing to the all-important work of anti-racism. Schools with predominately white or privileged students should be no exception. By Christina Torres As more and more teachers, administrators, schools and organizations are questioning their practices and looking at the racist history of their institutions, many are finally asking, “How we can listen to and support Black students, teachers and …


What’s ‘No Place For Hate’ actually teaching Colorado kids?

A program called “No Place For Hate” (NPFH) implemented in more than 70 K-12 Colorado schools. Parents and our community should be aware of causes for concern—reasons to question whether this program is accomplishing what we think it is. The concerns begin with the program’s requirements. At least 75 percent of students must sign a “pledge” for a school to get the NPFH designation. We’re told it’s voluntary, but some …

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District-level Materials

Adams 12 Five Star Schools

Prospect Ridge Academy Broomfield Colorado - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I wanted to see if I could get your assessment on what is being introduced at my kids school in Broomfield Colorado (Prospect Ridge Academy) I got wind through an online petition of sort about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) program that has started, or will start. At this point, I am concerned that we were not notified. What can we do to get the word out there? I am …

Boulder Valley School District RE-2

Teacher of Color Hiring Event

Teacher of Color virtual hiring event is being held by the Boulder Valley School District on February 12th from 9 am to 1 pm.

Boulder Valley School District RE-2

Gender Ideology in 8th Grade Health

Presentation and assignment on leftist gender ideology and social justice activism given to 8th grade Health students.

Jefferson County School District R-1

Jeffco Schools Uses Critical Theory and Intersectional Theory

Jeffco Schools explicitly states that it views the world through an intersectional lens and that is uses a structural inequity and an equity lens to critically examine data. In Jeffco Public Schools, we are working to cultivate a culture of equity... We will prioritize the needs of marginalized and underserved students... We will embed equity actions into all aspects of the district... Intersectional Lens: We will honor the complex …

Jefferson County School District R-1

Jefferson County Open School requires elementary students to study critical race theory if they want to graduate

The graduation requirements for this woke k-12 school require children to study intersectional theory, which teaches that white students and males are oppressors and that students of color and females are oppressed. How can it be legal, let alone moral, to teach children that they are oppressors? "Responsible Global Citizenship - Students will develop critical thinking skills and expand their perspectives on U.S. and world history, geography, civics, and economics …

Durango School District 9-R

School Board Passes Equity Resolution

During the time period in which students were not in the classroom, and there were no "in-person" School Board meetings, the Durango School Board passed the attached Equity Resolution. We are actively recruiting 4 candidates for the upcoming school board elections in November.

Jefferson County School District R-1

Racial Equity Resources

CRT Booklists, podcasts, and other resources. The 1619 Project and How To Be An Antiracist - by Ibram X. Kendi. Reflect on these discussion questions in an effort to reshape the conversation about racial justice in America, and liberate new ways of thinking about ourselves and each other.

Douglas County School District RE-1

What is the DCSD Educational Equity Policy?

What is the DCSD Educational Equity Policy? Recently, the DCSD Board of Education approved DCSD Policy ADB - Educational Equity. Since then, we have received questions about the policy. The purpose of the Educational Equity Policy is to show DCSD’s continued commitment to ensuring that every DCSD student and staff member has access to equitable and rigorous educational opportunities. The policy also reaffirms DCSD’s commitment to providing an inclusive culture …

Denver County School District 1

'Equity Bootcamp' Finds White Supremacy in Gifted and Talented Programs

Denver Public Schools sponsors a teacher and staff ‘Equity Bootcamp’ training program. At the last public ally available session (link included, start at 47 minutes), Robin Greene, Director of Gifted and Talented for DPS, instructed Bootcamp participants on the need to dismantle white supremacy in GT programming. This mission, along with explicit support for BLM, is featured on the DPS GT website.

Cherry Creek School District 5

Superintendent recommends reading like 'THE THIRD LITTLE PIG: A LESSON ON WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION'

Cherry Creek superintendent writes to parents: "We feel a sense of urgency to speak and to act. Black lives depend on it. Black lives matter." He recommends resources including "Raising Race Conscious Children," which has lessons like this: THE THIRD LITTLE PIG: A LESSON ON WEALTH REDISTRIBUTION April 19, 2016 · by Raising Race Conscious Children · in Babies, Class, Early Childhood, Elementary School, Sachi Feris, STRATEGY: CHALLENGE STEREOTYPES, STRATEGY: …

Jefferson County School District R-1

CRT & 1619 in Jeffco public school

Jeffco website makes it clear that they will be teaching our elementary school children CRT. I find no talk about when this was decided and it’s terrible for our children. “The following resources were gathered to support families and community members in understanding racism, talking about racism, and helping people who are impacted by racism. The first item in each section labeled "101" or with the family-friendly icon provides an …

Boulder Valley School District RE-2

Required reading about black lesbians

"Colorado has multiple statutes and standards that support the inclusion of a text like The Stars and the Blackness Between Them in the curriculum. Most recently, the passage of HB19-1192 in May 2019 mandates that public schools teach the history, culture, and social contributions of American Indians, Latinos, African Americans, and Asian Americans; lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals within these minority groups; the intersectionality of significant social and cultural …

Denver County School District 1

Denver schools director: 'All Republicans are racist'

Tay Anderson is an elected director of Denver schools.

Boulder Valley School District RE-2

First Grade Gender Pronouns

"I observed a video clip from a first grade Language Arts lesson. Here is a screenshot with the teacher's comments transcribed. This is an example of the subtle programming that goes on in the classrooms here on a regular basis."