State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


State-wide Curriculum: Christopher Columbus Was a Terrorist

The new mandatory state-wide curriculum designed by SERC under Public Act No. 19-12 indoctrinates children to be activists. Along with numerous attempts to rewrite history throughout this curriculum, it also includes a unit, found on page 162 of the PDF, designed to turn children into activists, take action against their school districts, and demand the abolition of Columbus Day. [source:] Materials referenced for this 2-day unit include the work …


CT taxes to provide racially segregated teacher trainings

On their website, SERC defines itself as a "quasi-public agency established under statute to serve the CT State Board of Education in supporting educational equity and excellence." However, its internal documents proclaim that SERC seeks "to better serve Connecticut’s students and their families, particularly Black and Brown students, students learning English, and students with disabilities through advocacy and the development, implementation, and sustainability of innovative, culturally relevant programming." [source:] …

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District-level Materials

Enfield School District

Pizza and consent

Paper assignment handed out to eighth graders admitted it wasn’t supposed to. The papers used pizza terminologies as metaphors for sexual preferences cheese equals kissing olives equal giving oral

Simsbury School District

Simsbury Elementary - White Supremacist Terrorism?

Elementary School Principal highlights "Association for the Study of African American Life and History" in email to parents before MLK weekend. Email states, "Each year, the (ASALH) designates a theme for the year's Black History Month. For 2022, the theme is Black Health and Wellness. To celebrate, we will provide morning announcements and select grade-level "read aloud" books to be read in class. Ask your child about new learning they …

Ridgefield School District

Social justice content

The schools district uses woke social justice content such as Newsela and Commonlit. The articles the teachers pick for reading, writing and social studies are very often social justice topic such only about black people, Hispanic immigrants, distorted account of slavery and denigrate the founding fathers and never discusses anything about the accomplishments and progresses made in these areas. Since the new Superintendent, Dr. Susie Da Silva joined the school …

Ridgefield School District

Antiracism CRT content

The Community Read Aloud page of the Scotts Ridge Middle School library page discusses anti-racism and the school hosted a community read aloud of the book "Stamped: Racism, Anti-racism and You" by Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds. The school also hosted the co-author Jason Reynolds to discuss about this week with middle school students. All the book offerings are about "elevate the voices of young activists, inspire calls to …

Simsbury School District

SPIRIT Council: Simsbury Tax Dollars for CRT in Schools

Simsbury town committee, SPIRIT Council, has received $24,000 tax dollars to engage in data-collection. At the Data Subcommittee meeting on November 22, 2021, the data consultant presented the following suggestions: "Critical Race Theory – Engage with the School Board or parent groups to address any issues of understanding in relation to CRT. Conduct Implicit Bias training for school staff Engage with B.O.E. for a curriculum audit How social and emotional …

West Hartford School District

Racial Justice For Elementary School

Asked Students as young as 5 to draw or write what Racism looks like to them and keep it with them to not share that day.

Westport School District

Westport Performing Equity Study with NYU

The Westport Public Schools is currently undergoing an equity study in partnership with New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of School - Innovation in Equity and Systemic Change. The Westport Equity Study states: NYU’s role, in conjunction with the Lead Learner Team, will “be comprised of three strands of work: root cause analysis, data collection, and a root cause report along with the co-creation …

Hamden School District

Hamden Schools Equity Committee Meeting 6/9/21

This shows you how these people think and what they are planning.

West Hartford School District

"Gender 101" for PARENTS at Bugbee Elementary School, West Hartford, CT Webinar Hosted by New Haven Pride Center

The May 2021 Bugbee Elementary School (West Hartford, CT) Newsletter contained an ad encouraging parents and students to attend a virtual training event entitled, “Gender 101 - A virtual training for parents on gender, sexuality and how to talk to your children about it.” I have attached a copy of the ad. I participated in the event facilitated by the New Haven Pride Center ( The instructor from the New …

New Haven School District

Trans Student Gender Unicorns For Fifth Graders at Private The Foote School

6/1/21 Dear Grade 5 Families, The 5th grade team and I are excited about the puberty unit next week, and I wanted to share some more information and resources. As the Grade 5 letter described, the primary objectives of the unit are the following: Recognize the specific signs of puberty Understand physiological and emotional changes that happen during puberty Understand changes in social dynamics that may be impacted by these …

West Hartford School District

White middle schoolers need to 'check your privilege'

Shown in my sons middle school class. Parents not notified. Had to request a link to video after my son reported “another class to make white people feel bad”. Stool image and video with “white privilege is real” across top.

West Hartford School District

West Hartford assigns survey to find out if you are 'dominant' or 'non-dominant' (oppressed)

West Hartford assigns survey to find out if you are 'dominant' or 'non-dominant' (oppressed)

Guilford School District

Social Justice and Equity Pushed On Children in small-town Guilford

Culturally Responsive Teaching, Social Justice and Equity are the code words used by the current Guilford CT BOE and Superintendent to push a radical agenda to the families in a small New England town. They claim that there is institutional/systemic racism in America and the Guilford community. No escaping it. No nod to the civil rights work that has been done or is being done in our country. Therefore, our …

West Hartford School District

2nd graders reading "I am Jazz"

At the end of school last year, during the pandemic, one of the required reading assignments presented online was the book I am Jazz, which is the story of a boy transitioning to a girl. This took me completely by surprise. My 7 year old was thoroughly confused and I had no time to prepare for the questions I was asked. My decision abd right as a parent to talk …

Southington School District

Safe Spaces and 'The Role of Whiteness' In Connecticut

'Southington Public Schools is actively promoting verifiably false and racist material under the guise of "Social Justice". The documents have topics such as "the role of whiteness", "your truth", "isolate race", as well as other progressive talking points such as "safe spaces" and "equity".'

Guilford School District

Superintendent’s Goal is to “Educate Guilford on its Whiteness”

"The superintendent of GPS, Paul Freeman, has found a convenient loophole that allows Critical Race Theory into our children’s k-12 education. Even though he can escape scrutiny by claiming CRT is not in our current curriculum, he boasts that our school policy allows our teachers to use their own choices of supplemental resources. And to ensure that “his goal of the last three years to educate Guilford on its whiteness” …