State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

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District-level Materials

West Hartford School District

2nd graders reading "I am Jazz"

At the end of school last year, during the pandemic, one of the required reading assignments presented online was the book I am Jazz, which is the story of a boy transitioning to a girl. This took me completely by surprise. My 7 year old was thoroughly confused and I had no time to prepare for the questions I was asked. My decision abd right as a parent to talk …

Southington School District

Safe Spaces and 'The Role of Whiteness' In Connecticut

'Southington Public Schools is actively promoting verifiably false and racist material under the guise of "Social Justice". The documents have topics such as "the role of whiteness", "your truth", "isolate race", as well as other progressive talking points such as "safe spaces" and "equity".'

Guilford School District

Superintendent’s Goal is to “Educate Guilford on its Whiteness”

"The superintendent of GPS, Paul Freeman, has found a convenient loophole that allows Critical Race Theory into our children’s k-12 education. Even though he can escape scrutiny by claiming CRT is not in our current curriculum, he boasts that our school policy allows our teachers to use their own choices of supplemental resources. And to ensure that “his goal of the last three years to educate Guilford on its whiteness” …