State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

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District-level Materials

Broward County School District

Learning for Justice Topics and Anti Racism Resources that are taught in the Broward County School Board public school system

See PDF and link I attached. Also they attached this video link on there site: Another link: Once you get on the Broward Count School Board Site go to ACADEMICS, Then scroll down and you will see Young Voices matter then click on that and you will see everything as well as additional links. I just added a few of the many things they put there. ( …

Indian River County School District

Diversity and Equity Position Description: Knowledge of cultural responsiveness and meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse public school district. Skill in assisting school and district leaders in infusing diversity into the curriculum and enhancing the compositional diversity profile of students, faculty, and staff. Ability to successfully engage with and improve outcomes for diverse communities and student populations. Ability to challenge and influence peers to approach all work with an equity lens. Ability …

Seminole County School District

Lyman and Lake Brantley High Schools offering an elective that promotes "social justice for minorities"

Both curricula offer the following elective, which sounds great until you get to "historical perspectives... social justice for minority populations." This almost certainly means incorporating Critical Social Justice theories. It may seem minor and harmless, but that's always how these things start. *** Peer Inclusion Team (PIT) 1400340 This course is designed to provide reciprocal academic and social benefits to students with disabilities and their peers without disabilities. Students enrolled …

Sarasota County School District

Sarasota hires consultant who says teachers should 'thank' black students for shouting 'this is boring' in class because it is 'cultural'

District hired consultant who began the session by encouraging teachers to potentially shame one another publicly if they saw a colleague being racially insensitive. He used the example of Amy Cooper. He said teachers need to consider whether students’ behavior is cultural, and if so to look for a way to validate and affirm the behavior... he gave the example of a student shouting out “this is boring” in the …