State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


BLM curriculum at state level

BLM "curriculum" is recommended as a resource at the state level in Massachusetts.

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District-level Materials

Hull School District

Raising Multicultural Children-RMC

Social Justice Standards and Multicultural Curriculum We examine the diversity in our school curriculum and resources to ensure accurate history and diverse stories are being taught. This includes working with the teaching staff as they develop the new K-5 curriculum. We recently worked with teachers and curriculum experts leadership and wrote new social justice standards to augment what DESE’s latest standards. We also have a large selection of multicultural books …

Wilmington School District

Wilmington, MA: 'The research that informs CRT will inform our district’s equity plan moving forward'

The Superintendent of Wilmington Public Schools provided this generic overview of what will be taught to students: Critical Race Theory (CRT) itself is not being taught in our Pre-K-12 schools. However, the research that informs CRT will inform our district’s equity plan moving forward. Our strategic plan includes a focus on a culture of inclusion. We strive to foster an inclusive learning environment and culture of respect in all classrooms, …

Framingham School District

'Progress pride' flags will be raised in all 15 of Framingham’s public schools year-round

I am a teacher and a parent who is deeply upset with Framingham Public School's LGBTQ Curriculum Memorandum, their Gender and Sexuality Alliance presentation targeted K-12 and "Progress pride flags will also be raised in all 15 of Framingham’s public schools year-round, Superintendent of Schools Robert Tremblay announced during Sunday’s event."

Groton-Dunstable School District

Harvard Wants To Turn Massachusetts Children Into 'Changemakers'

Curriculum from the Democratic Knowledge Project (DKP) designed specifically for Massachusetts eighth graders and developed by Harvard University. Main focus: Equality Liberty Respect for Diversity Inclusiveness Faith and Religion, Democracy Safety, Happiness Justice Patriotism

Hingham School District

Hingham Schools recommends reading "Mama, Ella has a Penis" because Social Justice

Under the "Resources to Talk to Children about Race and Racism" section, there are ten links to websites that are basically critical race theory websites. On the Social Justice Resources website, recommended reading includes: "Mama, Ella has a Penis" On the RaceConscious.Org website: 1) Explicit, proactive language around race: “We are called White, but it’s confusing …Look. This piece of paper really is the shade of white. Does this look …

Wayland School District

School Committee Anti-Racism Resolution

To: The Wayland School Committee From: The Wayland Administrative Council Re: Adoption of School Committee Anti-Racism Resolution Date: Unanimously Approved by School Committee, January 27, 2021 Background: Last June, the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC) drafted a resolution in response to the twin viruses of COVID-19 and racism. MASC recommended that its 319 school committees adopt their anti-racism resolution. We, the Administrative Council, request that the Wayland School Committee …

Wellesley School District

'This is a safe space NOT for students who identify only as White'

WPS Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: 'This is a safe space NOT for students who identify only as White.'

Cambridge School District

Black Lives Matter: Early Childhood Guide

This is the curriculum used for young children during BLM week in Cambridge Public Schools. It covers: * Diversity * Globalism: "Globalism means that Black people live all over the world, in lots of different ways, and we are thinking about ways to keep things fair everywhere." * Black families: "A space that is free from patriarchal practices." * Black villages: "The disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics." * Black …

Wellesley School District

BLM flag

February 11, 2021 Dear WMS Community, We are proud that we are putting up a Black Lives Matter flag in our school. It will hang in the same spirit as our Pride flag, which for decades has long been a statement of welcome and an affirmation of our values. This is not to say that only Black Lives Matter; it says that Black Lives Matter also, in addition to all …

Cambridge School District

Cambridge Educators of Color Coalition Newsletter Vol. 15

The CECC is the "Educators of Color" branch of the Cambridge Teachers Union (CEA). In their newsletters, they talk about how, for example, "This school year has been an extremely difficult one for educators and students of color across the country and in Cambridge specifically. Our district has wrestled with the ways that white supremacy and racism shape our system from the composition and actions of the School Committee, to …

Lowell School District

Lowell teacher accused of assaulting a cop during Boston’s Straight Pride Parade

"I'm am so sick of the shenanigans going on in our school district. In August our school committee voted to declare racism a public health crisis instead of coming up with a safe plan to OPEN up schools!"

Dedham School District

One of America's oldest school districts denounces 'deplorable' police actions halfway across country

We have watched with horror, despair, and outrage as recent events in Georgia and Minneapolis have once again revealed injustices against people of color across our nation. The killings of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia, and Breonna Taylor in Louisville remind us again of the pervasive disparities that persist in the treatment and experiences of citizens in this country based upon the color of one’s skin. These …

Wellesley School District

Superintendent emails parents to confess his white privilege

Dear Members of the Wellesley Public Schools Community: In a spring that has been defined by COVID-19, it might be easy to overlook the recent events highlighting the deep racial divides that still exist in this country. The video footage of Ahmaud Arbery being attacked while simply jogging down the street and George Floyd pleading for his life are far from isolated incidents and are, in fact, emblematic of realities …

Cambridge School District

Cambridge Faults Its 'White, Middle Class Norms That Do Not Support Equity'

According to Cambridge Public Schools: "Racism and bias (both interpersonal and internalized) exist and persist throughout CPS." "Many structures and practices are based on white, middle-class norms that do not support equity." "White and privileged families have inequitable amounts of power, access, and influence at the district, school, and classroom levels. These families’ advocacy often focuses on their own individual children, rather than on collective needs of the community." "White …

Wellesley School District

Culturally responsive pre-K

Dear WPS Parents, Guardians & Community, As our community opens another school year, we would be remiss if we did not mark the moment we are in as a nation. Education takes place within a sociopolitical context that is inescapable to our work with young people. As our students return, we remain in a global pandemic; we continue to experience the realities of the stain of racism on our nation. …

Wellesley School District

Encouraging middle school students to report conscious and unconscious bias

Dear WPS Students, Welcome back to another school year! We have missed all of you. We are so glad to have you back. These last six months have been challenging in many ways. We have all had to adjust to new expectations - from wearing masks daily to protect ourselves and others, to limited outings with those we love dearly. This summer, in addition to the pandemic, we witnessed the …

Lexington School District

Equity at Lexington Public Schools

This portion of our district website provides information and resources from the office of Equity & Student Supports, which works to ensure learning opportunities and systems that are fair and just for all students, staff, and families.