State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


Maryland Teacher's Union Funding BLM, 'Lessons Or Events That Promote Racial Justice'

Educators across the state are doing A+ work on every front under the most stressful conditions—maintaining continuity of learning while helping students deal with the traumas of social isolation, the financial struggles of their families, and pervasive social and racial injustices. For these reasons and many more, we need to come together to fight for the Blueprint for Maryland’s Future. MSEA is addressing these crises in part through two grant …

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District-level Materials

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Key School Annapolis Hires Infamous Consultant

Email from staff read: Teachers from the Lower School Learning Department dove into the "Pollyanna Racial Literacy Curriculum" to develop a multi-week unit of study that promotes honoring both the differences and similarities by focusing on helping students develop their own identities, particularly around skin tone.

Montgomery County Public Schools

Private Woods Academy's strategic plan: "Raising Antiracist Kids"

The Woods Academy - A private, co-educational, inclusive Catholic school, preschool – grade 8 "Over the course of the next three years..will create equity across all contexts in our community" "antiracist parenting skills"

Harford County Public Schools

RACISM SURVEY - Is there a playbook being used to bring CRT into schools, starting with a racism survey?

On March 31, 2021, HCPS announced it had the results from its racism survey. HCPS said that the survey was the idea of both a current and former student member of the HCPS Board of Education (BOE). Hearing "their idea" of a survey to learn about "student perceptions of racism, implicit bias, and other forms of discrimination with HCPS" - Superintendent Sean Bulson agreed and encouraged the survey. Bulson has …

Harford County Public Schools

Harford County CRT

Harford County Public Schools has not incorporated the controversial “critical race theory” into its curriculum or professional development for staff, officials said earlier this week in response to criticism from parents and other community members. It is, however, using another program with the acronym CRT — “culturally responsive teaching” — in its efforts to address issues of racial inequity in the school system. That is something that our teachers are …

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Commitment to CRT

This letter was posted and now all curriculums are being rewritten.

Montgomery County Public Schools

BOE and MCPS Statement on Derek Chauvin's Conviction

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of George Floyd. This has been a difficult and painful year. The pain from fighting a deadly virus has been exacerbated and heightened by the all too frequent public killings of African Americans by law enforcement officers. This pain has focused our nation on the longstanding historical injustices that have plagued our nation since its founding. We have struggled to come together …

Montgomery County Public Schools

LGBTQ+ Class

MCPS is going to be offering an LBGTQ+ studies class to middle and high school students.

Calvert County Public Schools

Conservative, Rural Calvert County using 'Social Justice Standards' and 'Anti-Racism'

Whereas, the Calvert County Board of Education is outraged by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, as well as countless other African Americans who have lost their lives as a result of racism and police brutality that persist in our country; and Whereas, all district staff, administrators, teachers, and support staff shall be trained on implicit bias, racism, and about how racism produces inequitable practices …

Montgomery County Public Schools

"Asian Hate Crimes" in Georgia

Board President and Superintendent released a statement stating that "hate crimes against Asians in the United States are on the rise."

Montgomery County Public Schools

CRT discussion at an Ashburton Elementary School

The principal at Ashburton Elementary School in Montgomery County, MD leads a CRT discussion with teachers and parents.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools

Systemic racism professional development

Hello Everyone, I will be taking the lead on the Equity PD on Wednesday. Prior to the PD, please read the attached article below: 3 cognitive biases perpetuating systemic racism at work | World Economic Forum In the wake of global protests against racial injustice, companies and individuals have been doing more to tackle racial inequality. But positive change can only be achieved through a focus on changing systems …

Montgomery County Public Schools

Teachers forced to Analyze "White Supremacy Characteristics" in the Classroom

MCPS teachers were given this website and asked to read and write up a reflection on this website showing the characteristics of "white supremacy culture" that show up in our schools and how we plan to combat each of these aspects of "white culture"... Here is synopsis. Below is a list of characteristics of white supremacy culture which show up in our organizations. Culture is powerful precisely because it is …

Wicomico County Public Schools

Wicomico County Public Schools Examples of Indoctrination

We have been gathering this info for the past few years. WCPS is indoctrinating students with propaganda and subversive materials to undermine family values, push race theory and political anti-racist materials, which actually foster racism.

Wicomico County Public Schools

Wicomico County Public Schools Conducts a Survey to Racially & Politically Profile Students

"WCPS has been surveying students to Politically and Racially Profile Students for recruitment into AP classes without working for it as part of an equity plan. The only criteria is color, not academic achievement."

Montgomery County Public Schools

Teachers forced to tell students of "the need for Social Activism!"

Teachers were forced to teach a "Social Advisory Lesson" about Black Lives Matters, Social Justice, Anti-Racism, COVID and POC, etc. and then discuss the topics with the students. "In our last MCPS SEL Lesson, we discussed the impact and effects of Racism. Today we will discuss our country's reaction and response and the need for Social Activism!"

Montgomery County Public Schools

9th Grade English reading "All American Boys" by Jason Reynolds

"English" class is actually race class: Student Zoom Chat below (names removed for privacy). From XXX to Everyone:2:18 PM WELL its describing the real world my mistake From XXX to Everyone:2:19 PM kinda it just shows the brother really cared about his brother From XXX to Everyone:2:20 PM People are always judged by the color of their skin From XXX to Everyone:2:22 PM they just see our skin as a …

Montgomery County Public Schools

Anti-Racism Audit

MCPS conducts a "Antiracism Audit" through the "Equity Initiatives Unit," at a cost of up to $450,000 despite budget crisis.

Montgomery County Public Schools

Teachers given a Social Justice and Activism Script

"Teachers were given a script to go along with a social justice and social activism lesson about BLM, anti-racism, protests, etc. For example: "During the time of COVID-19, the concept of social justice moved to the forefront of societal issues involving race privilege. There was a national awareness of past and present social injustices toward the African American communities. Acknowledge the structural and systemic conditions (e.g. lack of healthy food …

Baltimore County Public Schools

Teacher denotes failing work with picture of Trump with words 'you suck'

In Schoolology, teachers assign 'badges' to work to denote its quality. This is the badge for failing work.

Howard County Public Schools

Schools want to channel kids' fears

"Racial justice: In the midst of the pandemic, racist violence in the United States made headlines across the globe... for months, people have protesting against racism and racial violence.... What are your fears right now and how can we help channel that in a positive way?" --9th grade homeroom, 10/05/2020, Howard High School:

Washington County Public Schools

Maryland school board member resigns after publicly hoping Trump dies

Jacqueline Fischer, who has served on the Washington County School Board since 2002, wrote: “Since he has tested positive for COVID19, maybe the country will get lucky and he will die.. I hope he dies from it. That would solve a lot of America’s problems.”

Montgomery County Public Schools

MBHS portal for diversity, equity and inclusion instructional resources

Blair High School names 'diversity coordinator'

Montgomery County Public Schools

School officials used vandalism incident to fuel narrative of oppression while concealing that culprit was black

Officials apparently used hate-crime incident at Churchill High School to fuel narrative of anti-minority sentiment and the need for busing at the wealthy school, while concealing that the student culprit, who was arrested, was black.

Howard County Public Schools

Howard moves to reject "white, middle-class norms"

Draft policy says an "equity lens" means "comparable academic and enrichment programs" regardless of "perceived academic ability," characterizes large part of county as "oppressed peoples," and says "systemic racism" among its own staff is responsible for academic "outcomes" of students. In public comment on related bill, 97% of comments were opposed to a busing component also included in this policy.