State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


Waterford School District Hires The Firm Behind Loudoun County's 'Equity' Fiasco

After a 150 million dollar bond was approved last year by Waterford residents the district created a 5 year strategic plan. Part of the district's strategic plan is to "promote and incorporate DEI in communication" and 'complete the initial training for our DEI journey'. As was stated at the 8/5/21 school board meeting, the WSD has hired The Equity Collaborative to interrupt inequitable practices; the company will begin their systemic …


Newsla website for reading assignments

Students throughout the United States are reading articles put out by Newsla,, a site where their "platform takes real and new content from trusted providers and turns it into learning materials that meet most State standards."( their own description). Teachers ARE free to choose what articles they want their students to learn about, but these articles are clearly slanted to a liberal perspective , and because teachers assign these …


MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer Uses COVID to Mandate CRT in Classrooms Statewide

In February, MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer created a 29 member COVID-19 Student Recovery Advisory Council. The council released its blueprint for recovery. Pages 26-27 state: "The racial disparities seen throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the systemic cycle of discrimination and injustice must be accounted for in our schools." And that the root cause of inequities is "Systemic racism, classism, sexism, and discrimination based on religion." Executive Order:,9309,7-387-90499_90705-553226--,00.html The Blueprint …

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District-level Materials

Lakeview School District

Hiring parameters

One of the qualifying factors of hiring a principal for Lakeview Schools that they adhere to diversity and inclusion standards aka (Diversity, equity, and inclusion/CRT). This is according to their own hiring criteria. page 31 (on the document not the PDF page number).

Lake Orion Community Schools

'Internment' book

Book titled Internment. The school building and webpage uses the verbage equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Eaton Rapids Public Schools

Decentering White Tears

The Eaton Rapids school district recently purchased a new ELA curriculum for grades K-5 from a company which includes in its teacher training materials a recommendation that teachers decenter the tears of White children. This curriculum company refers to itself as an aspiring antiracist organization that claims the ideas from the book "How To Be An Anti-Racist" form the core of their curriculum. This curriculum also avoids the use of …

Sault Ste. Marie Area Schools

CRT being forced on teachers

I am a teacher in this school district. Our district has a large percentage of Native American students. Our annual district training was promoted as strategies to help us better reach these minority students. Instead, we were lectured for hours on Critical Race Theory. The presenter continuously used the word “whiteness” as a racial slur, gave us his own version of Western history, criticized Christianity, and condemned the Constitution as …

Holt Public Schools

Students segregated into racial groups, and only one race is celebrated.

Holt Public Schools “segregated” students by separating them by their racial categories, and then only celebrated one race on the district-wide “unity” day on a May 25, 2021. This strategy is proving to create divisions and more racial conflict among students across the nation. Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, gave his life for genuine unity. Brotherhood. Respect for all. Individual value and accountability. I know Holt means well by dividing …

Holt Public Schools

Black Lives Matter (CRT) Promoted by Holt Administration

Holt superintendent David Hornak and staff promote the political activism of Black Lives Matter using school district resources and time. Of course the lives of black people matter. But the ideology of BLM goes well beyond that simple truism. Holt schools seem to be promoting the group’s ideology (with all its CRT division, anarchy (raised fists), and racial shaming). They would do better to build unity and common humanity among …

Troy School District

Learning For Justice, Highly Politicized Curriculum to be Used

Troy School District is adopting the politicized, Learning for Justice, curriculum. Learning for Justice Agenda: Learning for Justice Curriculum (browse the list or search specific terms): Searching the word "white" in the curriculum: Searching for "oppression" in the curriculum: Searching for "queer" in the curriculum: Searching for "social justice" in the curriculum: Use the search feature on their curriculum page to discover other topics …

Troy School District

Book purchase list tells the story of LGBTQ+ and CRT for Grades K-2 in Troy Michigan Schools

New Book Purchases for Troy Schools: K Sulwe, Lupita Nyong’o, a book about colorism and wishing for lighter skin (CRT) K Julian at the Wedding, Jessica Love, Julian (the boy mermaid) attends a lesbian wedding with his cousin (LGBTQ+) 1st Sparkle Boy, Leslie Newman, a queer theory book where the protagonish wants to dress like his sister (LGBTQ+) 1st Stella Brings the Family, Miriam B Schiffer, the book tells the …

Troy School District

Troy School District Allocates nearly $100,000 to Promoting Political Activism

Troy School District hired Cornelius Godfrey at a salary between $78,000 and $97,000/year for two years to promote political activism in the district. He has already chosen CRT and LGBTQ+ books for grades K-2, and has chosen the highly politicized Equity Curriculum, Learning for Justice, to be rolled out K-12 next year. Article about the hiring and job description:

Romeo Community Schools

'It's a Theyby!': Telling Middle Schoolers they can Non-Gender their Babies from Birth

Romeo Middle School used this slide in health class. The text of the slide is the article headline: "It's a Theyby! Is it possible to raise your child entirely without gender from birth? Some parents are trying." Per the article, this is about "gender creative parenting, and it is overt political content in a class on what is supposed to be the basics of health and reproduction. Here is the …

Dexter Community School District

Tax Dollars Provide "Woke" Books to Students, Teachers, and Staff

Dexter's "Woke" Superintendent Chris Timmis pays for CRT books with taxpayer money and gives them free to students, teachers, and staff for a summer community reading program. 1. White Fragility. (Black author and professor at Columbia John McWhorter describes this book for the magazine The Atlantic as "a book that "aims to combat racism but talks down to Black people" ( White people are bad. They can't help it. They …

Dexter Community School District

LGBTQ+ Promotion in Grades K-2 at Anchor Elementary

Anchor Elementary serves young fives through second grade. School-wide, the next two months will focus on LGBTQ+ stories on the walls, in discussions, and through classroom readings. This political content is offered at a very young age and without regard to some parents' religious beliefs or the age appropriateness of discussing sexual preferences and gender dysmorphia in a public classroom setting with young primary children. The full text of the …

Dexter Community School District

Children read 'Black Brother Black Brother,' where a boy 'swims in a sea of whiteness'

It’s a social justice book where a black boy “swims in a sea of whiteness.” Teaches that being white is privileged.

Dexter Community School District

Dexter Social Justice Resolution

The school board adopted a social justice resolution. WHEREAS, we believe that children begin their lives without hatred and bigotry, and that DCS must uphold the public’s trust by fostering understanding, acceptance, respectful civic discourse, and inclusion among our students when they enter the schoolhouse doors...

Traverse City Area Public Schools

"Racism, Antiracism, and You" Book Aligns with 8th Grade U.S. History curriculum, Mandatory Reading

Our Community, TCAPS February 2021 District Newsletter Headline: East Middle School Teacher Receives Human Rights Commission Grant to Purchase Books by Diverse Authors Text: East Middle School social studies teacher, Alison Sullivan, has received nearly $500 in financial support from the Traverse City Human Rights Commission (HRC) to purchase a classroom set of the book, “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You” by Jason Reynolds. The book is the young-adult version of …

Troy School District

Does Troy's zealotry for 'Equity' over equality violate Michigan state law?

Troy School District Superintendent lays out the priority and vision to make Racial Equity a major focus of the school district. At the 2:00 minute mark of the 2020-2021 Welcome Back video, the Superintendent of the Troy School District states that "Racial Equity and the fight against Systemic Racism" will be a big focus of our work. At the 7:45 minute mark, the TSD Superintendent states that a significant battle …