State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


Grant Funded Segregation and race based pay (b) Teacher mentoring programs must be included in or aligned with districts' teacher evaluation and peer review processes under sections 122A.40, subdivision 8, and 122A.41, subdivision 5. A district may use staff development revenue under section 122A.61, special grant programs established by the legislature, or another funding source to pay a stipend to a mentor who may be a current or former teacher who has taught at least three …


Largest teacher's union in MN promotes racist resources for teachers

The screenshots and narrative was given to me by a parent while her son was in school and 3 times in that morning, October 7, 2020, his teachers brought up BLM in class. There was a policy in Osseo School District 279 in MN, that teachers were not to promote ideology in the classroom and topics like this could only be discussed if it was student led. But after the …


Ethnicity, gender, climate: How MN is changing the way it teaches social studies

"They claim LGBT civil rights history has never been focused on and that is a remarkable lie. I barely paid attention in school and dropped out, and I can recall LGBT issues and history being prominent and popular in school about 7-12 years ago. Ethnic history and highly feminist history were also standard. Not only is this committee inserting more of these dishonest manipulative stories into schools, they're pretending the …

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District-level Materials

Mankato Public School District

Equity Surveys

These are the surveys and documents that went into recreating the equity framework, you already have listed: The above documents you will need to email me for, the files will be too large to send. Below are additional documents.

Mankato Public School District

Mankato's new equity plan

Attached documents are documents on Mankato, MAPS, new equity plan.

Columbia Heights Public School District

Columbia Heights High School Sponsoring of Identitarian Politics/Activism AP U.S. History (CRT, 1619 Project= Ideological Racial Indoctrination)

A major majority of the staff and teachers at Columbia Heights High School (and also probably at Columbia Academy) as well as a good bunch of the students here at CHHS have been pushing leftist, pro-C.R.T., pro-B.L.M. (Cultural Marxist/Identitarian Political) views to its students and and fellow staff. This has been going on for quite some time as can be seen in the dates of some the articles from the …

Anoka-Hennepin Public School District

Reading Kendi in 11th grade English

Students were asked to read the article written by Kendi in Time Magazine and asked to analyze his work.

Minneapolis Public School District

Segregated Staff Training - the most frustrating part of my job

I have been part of multiple segregated staff meetings over the last 2 years as an MPS teacher. Our school will hold one meeting for white staff and another for staff of color. I am white, our topic today is “white accountability” which is pretty typical. I do not know what is discussed in the other meetings, as there is never a chance to come back together to share at …

St. Paul Public School District

Kamala Harris and the Obamas storytime

"Third graders are watching videos by Kamala Harris and the Obamas. My concern is not who the speakers are but with the hypocrisy of it all. The school would NEVER (and has never) feature a conservative in their assignments the way they do all these left wing celebrities."

White Bear Lake School District

Sixth grade health class

"In my 11 year old daughter’s 6th grade health class at Central Middle school they were given a handout they worked through with the teacher who provided the answers in the discussion. As you can see from the handout they make the false claim that gender is socially constructed and the even more ludicrous claim that children going through puberty are developing physical characteristics of anyone who identifies with the …

Rochester Public School District

Rochester Goes All-in On Equity and Anti-Racism

"One of Rochester Public Schools’ (RPS) core beliefs is that equity is a lens through which all decisions should be made. On July 21, 2020, Superintendent Munoz updated the board with a three-year equity plan, accounting for the $169,000 enhancement in year one. The equity plan was developed with feedback from a variety of stakeholders: Equity Specialists American Indian Liaison Employees of Color Resource Group (EoCRG) Bilinguals Other employees of …

Brooklyn Center School District

Brooklyn Center superintendent tells staff riots 'justified'

On May 27, 2020 after the George Floyd riots started in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center ISD286 Superintendent Carly Baker, of a neighboring school district, sent a video to staff. "There are protests and riots, unrest, that is fueled by a rage that we can understand. It is justified. Our students and families are struggling. Some of them are inconsolable... Some of you feel like you're at your breaking point. I'm so …

Edina Public School District

Edina disbands honors program, makes English a movie-watching seminar on 'Colonization'

'What’s going to be different in this class from the English classes I’m used to? '