State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


Proposed Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Index

October 20 2020 SBE Agenda | Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education ( Agenda Item > P: Advancing Educational Equity-October 2020 ( Many disturbing things proposed in this MSIP6 (Missouri School Improvement Plan): "Educational inequities occur when different populations of students experience different rates of access to high quality education. These different rates of access occur for different reasons. These reasons are dictated by education policy. The …


State education department wants to "shed light on...systemic racism"

No matter how 'safe' you think your school is from CRT, think again. It is being pushed from the state (in a Republican state). State Board of Education Response-June-9-2020 | Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education ( "Education must fulfill its promise of being the great equalizer. This important work must shed light on intolerance, discrimination and systemic racism. But it doesn’t stop there. Leaders together must further …

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District-level Materials

Rockwood R-VI School District

Literacy Speech Coordinator instructs teachers to make a fake curriculum

Natalie Fallert, EdD, 6-12 Literacy Speech Coordinator, wrote to all middle and high school principals that parents had repeatedly complained that “we are pushing an agenda,” “we are pushing Critical Race Theory (I had to look this one up!),” “we are making white kids feel bad about their privilege,” we are “stereotyping,” “we are teaching kids to be social activists,” and “we are teaching kids to be democratic thinkers and …

Lindbergh School District

Lindbergh School Districts Push of Diversity

New for the 2020/2021 school year they implemented the Just Schools for Equity Program. Educational Equity Consultants are all over MO and IL schools. This organization is educating teachers on "equity". Lindbergh District has resources on their website by Robin DeAngelo for Educators and White Fragility.

Webster Groves School District

Webster Groves School District colonized by SPLC

The Webster Groves School District adopted a "Anti Racism, Anti-Bias" policy that, among many things presupposes Racism and Bias in children and staff and creates an anonymous reporting system of "micro-aggressions" that will be judged from a presumption of guilt and victimhood based on race and sex. For at least the 2nd time in the WGSD history it is official policy to judge children differently based on the color of …

Lindbergh School District

Crossroads Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism workshop

Per the Lindbergh school district website: “In addition to EEC (Educational Equity Consultants), our elementary and middle school instructional design coaches participated in the Crossroads Analyzing and Understanding Systemic Racism workshop.” Per the Crossroads Antiracism website: Our Approach Principles We are guided by the following principles: -Crossroads’ work is built upon a systemic power analysis of white supremacy and systemic racism in the United States; -Crossroads seeks to be accountable …

Webster Groves School District

Anti-Bias, Anti Racism Staff Video

12-minute video with superintendent, students, and "Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"

Lindbergh School District

Gym class(!) will include one day of a week of 'Learning for Justice' and 'self-care'

Sperreng Middle School gym teacher sent out this letter informing parents about teaching "Learning for Justice Lessons. See letter below Hello Families! We are dedicating 1 day a week to choice-driven topics through "Learning for Justice" lessons (formerly named "Teaching Tolerance") and some time for Self-Care. This work began with kids creating word clouds of topics that are of importance to them at this time (attached). I'm asking that kids …

Webster Groves School District

Webster Groves super says the district he's led for 10 years is systemically racist

"The district has quietly brought forth a new draft curriculum that overlays a SJ component onto social studies class. The SJ component is directly from the SPLC. Also included a communication sent out by the superintendent where he declared the district to be systemically racist. Particularly stupid because it is a diverse district and he has worked there for over 10 years!"