State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

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District-level Materials

Webster Groves School District

Anti-Bias, Anti Racism Staff Video

12-minute video with superintendent, students, and "Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion"

Lindbergh School District

Gym class(!) will include one day of a week of 'Learning for Justice' and 'self-care'

Sperreng Middle School gym teacher sent out this letter informing parents about teaching "Learning for Justice Lessons. See letter below Hello Families! We are dedicating 1 day a week to choice-driven topics through "Learning for Justice" lessons (formerly named "Teaching Tolerance") and some time for Self-Care. This work began with kids creating word clouds of topics that are of importance to them at this time (attached). I'm asking that kids …

Webster Groves School District

Webster Groves super says the district he's led for 10 years is systemically racist

"The district has quietly brought forth a new draft curriculum that overlays a SJ component onto social studies class. The SJ component is directly from the SPLC. Also included a communication sent out by the superintendent where he declared the district to be systemically racist. Particularly stupid because it is a diverse district and he has worked there for over 10 years!"