State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

North Carolina

Tool for Identifying Bias in Sources

This is a tool presented in CRT training in NC to have teachers evaluate their sources for "harmful" bias.

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District-level Materials

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

District-wide CRT & Activist SEL Lessons

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools has recently embarked on an antiracism initiative to ensure equal outcomes for all students. This includes labeling white students as privileged and oppressors, creating activities to help them explore their intersectionality and ways in which they are oppressed, and encouraging them to become social justice advocates through protests and dismantling systems of oppression. One lesson even encourages them to push the social conversation from diversity & inclusion to …

Pasquotank County Schools

ECPPS Statement from the ECPPS Board of Education

Found this among other things so far on the ECPPS website. Statement from the ECPPS Board of Education: We are experiencing the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on communities of color coupled with the systemic instances of violence against those same communities. The recent death of George Floyd is the latest example of longstanding systemic racism and injustice against communities of color. We all need support in the discourse …

Durham Public Schools

Durham Public Schools adopts BLM Week of Action

This week is National Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action! The week was created to help promote a set of national demands based on the Black Lives Matter guiding principles that focus on improving the school experience for students of color. Throughout the week, educators from across the country will engage students in lessons about structural racism, intersectional Black identities, Black history, and anti-racist movements. DPS RESOLUTION RECOGNIZING …

Guilford County Schools

Guilford Quiz Tells Students Teachers Might 'Boycott' If They Have To Return To School

"Remote learning is not just causing struggling students to fail, it is causing gifted and A/B honor roll students to fail as well. Gifted students are saddled with twice as much busy work, boring assignments, and benchmark testing before testing. The unit lessons are equally ghastly, especially for ELA and Math. The teaching math concepts ask students in class and in near pods, at least 5 or more ways to …

Vance County Schools

Highly gifted children are underserved and misunderstood

"HG/PG children have the most diverse of need and are the most underserved community. These students are at-risk because of rarity. They suffer from a lack of peers and a lack of flexible school policy. Often, identified gifted are given more work to compensate and pretend to meet their needs. This works for a high achieving pleaser student. An HG/PG student's passion and capacity of learning will be extinguished almost …

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Progressive activist's name removed from school after activists get confused about which Barringer the building was named after

Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s school board voted to rename the Barringer Academic Center after advocates claimed it honored a white supremacist named Osmond Barringer. But a journalist at WSOC, a local TV station, did some digging and found the district had named the school for Rufus Barringer, a former Confederate general and his son, Paul Barringer. "Politically, Rufus Barringer was a Whig who favored African-American suffrage,” historian Marvin Krieger wrote in a book …

Wake County Schools

BLM mural in Wake high school

"Black Lives Matter organization being endorsed in a public school building"

Wake County Schools

Wake County promotes "Transgender Remembrance Day"

"Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. @RethinkSchools asks, what is required by each of us to protect the lives of transgender people? Check out @BLMAtSchool "The Year of Purpose" resources to learn more."

Durham Public Schools

Durham School of the Arts Holds BLM 'Workshop on Freedom'

Subject: Chat TONIGHT 10/30 at 6 pm with Kwame Alexander, Jason Reynolds, and Jacqueline Woodson : DSA Library Media Center Join the conversation tonight at 6 pm Call and Response: A Black Lives Matter Q&A for Young People hosted by Parable Path of Boston Featuring: Toshi Reagon Kwame Alexander Jason Reynolds Jacqueline Woodson and many more... "This forum is an opportunity to hear from young people their thoughts and feelings, …

Durham Public Schools

Durham School Board Chair tweets thanks to Howard Zinn

"Durham School Board Chair Bettina Umstead tweets thanks for "teaching history correctly" to Howard Zinn. The district's account and several other notable district teachers and officials "like" the tweet. Howard Zinn's People's History of the United State is an anti-American set of theories sold as 'true history'." "

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Voting Lesson--Social and Emotional Learning

"High School lesson on voting included a slide, "Why this election is important". The information was quite one-sided and just presented to the class without comment or balancing information. The videos/articles on the slide that the teacher played for/showed are attached."

Wake County Schools

Equity teaching resources for teachers and staff

These resources support talking to students about racism, becoming an ally to "challenge institutionalized racism" and understanding privilege. They also describe social movement terminology such as "No Justice, No Peace" and "Black Lives Matter"

Orange County Schools

Orange Sets Up Segregated "Affinity Spaces"

"Our first Affinity Space is for African American Staff. We are making these African American Affinity Spaces available starting this week and we will continue to make these spaces available throughout the year.”