State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

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District-level Materials

Londonderry School District

'Choose Love' 'social emotional learning' curriculum starting in kindergarten

Londonderry schools, starting even in kindergarten, are using Choose Love curriculum. Sounds nice, but it's all about creating social justice warriors, CRT, LGBTQ, and BLM. I do not recommend subjecting your children to this curriculum. It has no place in schools.

Hollis School District

Hollis heads down the familiar diversity committee -> consultant -> full CRT road

This past summer, the SAU41 School Boards considered an Equity Initiative which contained the fundamental concepts of Critical Race Theory (CRT). If approved, this resolution would require the district to hire an outside consultant (most of whom are strongly committed to CRT) to evaluate school policies relative to race equity. The consultant’s recommendations would be the basis for changes to policies, teacher professional development, and student curriculum. Although the resolution …