State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


Oregon Draft Policy Requires 'Ethnic Studies' In Every Grade Starting From Kindergarten

Kindergarten Standard: "Develop an understanding of one's own identity groups including, but not limited to, race, gender, family, ethnicity, culture, religion, and ability." Then in first grade, "Describe how individual and group characteristics are used to divide."

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District-level Materials

Eugene School District 4J

Gender Theory now part of "Oregon Standards" for teaching human sexuality

The human sexuality unit in my child's 9th grade Health education class includes teaching of gender theory, promoting the distinction of sex and gender. The PBS documentary "Growing Up Trans" is included in the lesson. "Gender Unicorn" makes another appearance in the lesson slides, as well as other graphics from These graphics define sex and gender separately, as well as a list of "problem" language and examples of some …

Portland School District 1J

white privilege for sale

I am currently asking/trying to get more information from Grant High School in Portland, OR but no one seems to care. The first thing the instructor said was "All white people are racist and privileged and we're going to talk about why." As I mentioned above, I have contacted the school and the school board, but no one can get me more information about this "Race forward" program that they …

Springfield School District 19

Teacher was escorted out of the School for his opposition to critical race theory

A fourth grade teacher was escorted out of school without being able to say goodbye to his students because he is against Critical Race Theory.

Portland School District 1J

Inappropriate sexual and political interrogation, and unlicensed medical advice, are being hidden from parents

Throughout 12 years of education here in District 1J we've seen a steady escalation of curriculum that surveys children about their private sexual and political thoughts and activities. Sadly, it's fairly well hidden--we had to fight for years to see it. Examples are included here. In the case of the attached images from California's Positive Prevention Plus, or P3, which has been modified (yellow highlights) by Multnomah County Health Department …

North Bend School District 13

Superintendent putting administrators through CRT Trainings

Superintendent Kevin Bogatin has all administrators participating in a multi-year training with deep Critical Race Theory roots and claiming white supremacy is leading our school culture led by Tony Hudson.

Portland School District 1J

A flood of Racial Equity and Social Justice in Portland

"Dive into the menus for much more detail. The entire district is built on CRT and social justice."

Portland School District 1J

Superintendent says 'culturally responsive curriculum' requires teaching students to vote to 'disrupt inequities'

"This election will test our community and our country... As educators, we have another opportunity... Our values of racial equity and social justice require us to provide culturally responsive curriculum and instruction. Public education can be a powerful antidote... We must assist students in developing critical consciousness and sociopolitical awareness that reflect an ongoing commitment to challenge injustice and disrupt inequities and oppression."

Hillsboro School District 1J

Private school promotes 'destruction of capitalism'

Private K-8 "Waldorf Swallowtail School & Farm" sent parents "Anti-Racism Resources for White People." The "resources" at the site are grounded in radical Critical Race Theory and are critical of western society and institutions, especially the United States. Many are highly political, pro-Marxist, anti-capitalist, and supportive of direct activism (including link to recent article in the news, "In Defense of Looting"). Here is just one example of the White Parent …

Portland School District 1J

Cottonwood School (PPS) Held a Protest and March for Black Lives Matter

"The Cottonwood School of Civics and Science hosted a Black Lives Matter protest and march in the South Waterfront on Thursday, June 18, 2020. The march began at the school and moved to Elizabeth Caruthers Park, where participants from our school community were joined by other onlookers and neighborhood residents. Kamari Rivers, 8, read his poem to the assembled crowd after remarks from Amanda McAdoo, Cottonwood’s executive director. The march …

Portland School District 1J

Portland Public Schools to Teach Disruption of 'Systems of Oppression'

We believe in the fundamental right to human dignity and that generating an equitable world requires an educational system that intentionally disrupts—and builds leaders to disrupt—systems of oppression.

Lake Oswego School District 7J

LOSD hires DIE consultants

"LOSD has hired two expensive DIE consultants, 'Equity Consultancy,' while losing money to educate the children."

Beaverton School District 48J

Social & Political Expression Guidance for BSD Staff & Community

"We have received numerous questions from both staff and community members about the appropriate manner in which to express social or political viewpoints in schools — whether virtual or in-person. We understand and appreciate that our students, families and staff have beliefs that span the political spectrum."

Riverdale School District 51J

7th grade English unit "How to be an AntiRacist" based on Kendi book

"The 7th grade English class is using a Kendi book for a unit and the KEY concepts in the syllabus include: racist ideas are embedded in the hypocritical founding fathers and US government; racist ideas, along with economic greed, are central to the formation of this nation, its laws, policies, and practices; meritocracy and the American Dream narrative are rooted in whiteness; racist ideas are entrenched in political campaigns and …

Lake Oswego School District 7J

LOSD adopts policy to "proactively teach anti-racism"

ANTI-RACISM BOARD RESOLUTION A Resolution Of The Lake Oswego School Board Of Directors Condemning Racism And Committing To Being An Anti-Racist School District WHEREAS, members of the Lake Oswego School Board, as well as the Lake Oswego School District staff, are saddened and outraged by recent events that demonstrate the prejudice and injustice that persists in our country; WHEREAS, racism and hate have no place in our schools or our …

Tigard-Tualatin School District 23J

Equity Framework Theory of Action

On the district website there are several links to Anti-Racist Ideology and a framework for a new anti hate-speech policy recently passed by the District. There is a lot of critical race theory ideology and anti-black racist ideology being put out by the district.