State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)


CRT & Other Propaganda

Over the past year, the Pennsbury School District has been pushing political propaganda within its school board meetings. Please see the attached documents that I've accumulated.

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District-level Materials

Palmyra Area School District

Diversity and Equity Committee meeting

The following is a link to a Diversity and Equity meeting from February 2021.

York Suburban School District

Future Focused Learning: Equity

This document is part of the district's Future-Focused Planning initiative which is said to help organize the district for long-term success. It breaks down the Six Pillars of Equity and includes "reflections" and "recommendations" of what the district and its personnel should do within each pillar. The Pillars are: general equity practices, data practices, academic equity, self-awareness, family and community engagement, and disciplinary equity. This document and others that are …

West Chester Area School District

CRT Propoganda in West Chester

They claim not push anything about Critical Race Theory, yet every time the word "White" is mentioned for a students race it's lower case. Any time "Black" or "Latino" are mentioned, you bet it's capitalized. Don't worry, I'm sure it's completely healthy to treat one group as lesser while gaslighting that we don't teach CRT principles. Leaders need replaced.

Springfield Township School District

Springfield Twp school board poised to adopt "Educational Equity" policy

At an upcoming school board meeting (1/18/2022), the district plans to vote and adopt Policy 832 on Educational Equity, a CRT-based policy that was already adopted by Pennsbury, North Penn, and other PA districts. The superintendent said this during a Zoom committee meeting on 1/13, with at least one school board member present. There has been no other public announcement.

Red Lion Area School District

Anti Oil Pipeline propaganda disguised as Native American Culture

I recently found the attached post from a THIRD GRADE TEACHER in the Red Lion School District in Pennsylvania who has a book titled We are the Water Protectors as one of her classroom books. She says that it is for Native American Heritage Month. Very disappointing to see an opportunity to teach about Native American Heritage be coopted by her political views on the Dakota Access Pipeline. From Wikipedia …

Springfield Township School District

Equity initiatives underway!

SDST has had equity initiatives quietly underway since 2019, including teacher trainings and curriculum revisions.

Ephrata Area School District

School Board Mid-Year Report includes Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion language

In a mid-year report published in January 2021, the district breaks down their past, present, and future analysis of how they can live up to their "district culture." Pages 4, 5, and 6 include equity, diversity, and inclusion trainings or reflections/discussions for teachers and students. Additionally, on pages 10 and 11 of the document, the district lists their memberships, presentations and conversations. This includes a keynote event that highlights equity.

Springfield Township School District

Equity initiatives underway!

SDST has had equity initiatives quietly underway since 2019, including teacher trainings and curriculum revisions.

Owen J. Roberts School District

Majority of public spoke against Equity policy, but Republican majority approved it anyway, saying don't worry, there are no plans to change the curriculum

The board of Owen J Roberts school district passed an equity and inclusion policy on 6/21/21. Although most in the community that were present during the board meeting spoke out against the policy it was passed. No republican (majority) voted against it saying it was ok because there is currently no plans to change curriculum and it could be amended at any time. these board members seem to have no …

Perkiomen Valley School District

Middle school Morning announcements during pride month

This video was played for children ages 11-14 during the morning announcements at PVMSE. Parents were neither informed nor given the choice to opt their child out. No parental consent to teach liberal ideologies not rooted in fact but feelings, and teaching sexuality to children without parental consent. The only reason parents became aware is because a student taped the video from their cell phone to show their parent.

Upper Merion Area School District

Upper Merion School District embracing racist ideology and teaching CRT propaganda to children

They sent around flat-out racist flyers at one point last year so I had to see the curriculum. The links included are just two examples of the propaganda being force fed to our children. Unfortunately the administration seems to have whole-heartedly embraced their racism and is now effectively pushing anti-white anti-straight propaganda. Shouldn't have to pay taxes for this trash "education".

Methacton School District

Eric Foner “Give me Liberty” Textbook approved for AP History

School board approved Eric Foner’s “Give me Liberty” text book despite strong opposition from parents. There were 19 other books the district could have approved for this AP History class. Any intellectually honest person can read the text and agree that the text is biased even if one agrees with the author. Very disappointed but not surprised since Methacton’s board is filled with leftists.

Methacton School District

Under pressure from activists, Methacton heads down the Equity road

Parents in the Methacton School District, watch what they're trying to push!

Methacton School District

Methacton Diversity Equity and Inclusion Survey

Methacton spent tens of thousands of dollars on this survey and hired an associate Professor from Arcadia to oversee the new D.E.I. education. I cannot find a public line budget for MSD to show the exact numbers being spent on incorporating this terrible racist curriculum.

Pennsbury School District

CRT & Other Propaganda

Over the past year, the Pennsbury School District has been pushing political propaganda within its school board meetings. Please see the attached documents that I've accumulated.

Pennridge School District

Pennridge Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiative

Watch out Pennridge parents. They're promoting propaganda.

Pennsbury School District

Pennsbury school district passes CRT

Last night Pennsbury School district approved the institution of C.R.T. based curriculum that they intend to umbrella over every area of instruction.

North Penn School District

Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School gets an equity czar and a new mission statement

This a college prep Catholic high school for girls. I was very surprised to see they hired a Diversity and Equity officer. I am not sure if parents understand this has infiltrated the school but it's concerning. Please see below for the initiatives and new mission statement. At Gwynedd, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice are synonymous with belonging. We recognize that every person is a child of God and that …

Middletown Area School District

Middletown Area School District Includes Radical "CAIU: All In" Newsletter in General Business Agenda

In at least two recent general business meetings (3/16/21 & 2/16/21), the Middletown Area School District included the Capital Area Intermediate Unit's radical newsletter publication "CAIU: All In." In these two issues of the newsletter, the newsletter featured articles titled, "Equity- Avoiding Racial Equity Detours" and "Equity: Unpacking White Privilege." The articles discuss numerous tenets of Critical Race Theory and even encourage readers to read and familiarize themselves with the …

North Penn School District

'Difficult Conversations' about Equity in North Penn

"Topics surrounding equity can often be difficult conversations for parents/guardians to have with their children, but it is important for these conversations to take place. Please refer to the below materials for helpful resources and best practices." Links to ABC News, Southern Poverty Law Center, NPR, among others. Seems to be one-sided. School board election coming up shortly.

Chambersburg Area School District

Chambersburg claims 'equity' is different than critical race theory

The Chambersburg Area School District made sure to let News Talk 103.7FM know that Critical Race Theory is not being taught in the schools in Chambersburg. But the question still remains, if that’s the case, why is the school board considering diversity, equity and inclusion training for the teachers? Three concepts at the heart of Critical Race Theory.

Tunkhannock Area School District

Education & Grades are Secondary to Sports

Nearly 1 in 5 kids were failing at least one class (data from Q1 marking period per Superintendent) and is deemed “acceptable” to the TASD School Board & Administration. Sad that kids CAN now fail 2 subjects & yet still be eligible for sports. So much for Educating the next Generation.

Southern Lehigh School District

Art projects

The 7th grade teacher has been asking students to use blm and lbgtq imagery in their artwork. She also highlighted an artist who paints depictions of cops killing black men.

Haverford Township School District

School Counselor Encourages Students to Join Social Justice Club

Justice does not need a qualifier in front of it. Social justice is propaganda. On October 22, 2020, the 6th grade class, via zoom, were encouraged to join the Social Justice Club at the school and were shown a slide titled "How can I participate?" The bullet points for the slide encouraged the students to (1) "help promote a 'community of consciousness' by HOLDING YOUR PEERS ACCOUNTABLE and (2) organize.

Lower Moreland Township School District

BLM readings for elementary schoolers

The elementary school presented the book to the children titled "A Place Inside of me" which is stamped with the BLM logo all over the book. The story insinuates that police officers murdered a black child, and illustrations show police wearing black hoods and holding batons to harm citizens. The white characters illustrated in the book have "red" skin (not sure why), and the book mentions how their "people/ancestors" (the …

State College Area School District

School staff tells parents 'how to talk to children about race'

Dear SCASD Community Member, We hope your school year is going well! We wanted to send you a brief update regarding what is going on in SCASD Office of Equity and Inclusivity. Please visit our webpage on SCASD at You can find this email at this page as well. October Newsletter We hope you took some time to review the resources sent home in the letter last Friday on …

William Penn School District

Teachers forced to write 'pledge' disclaiming their 'whiteness'

A view of the teacher in-service training module.

West Chester Area School District

WCASD Equity Report

A report done by the West Chester School district with findings and recommendations. Some statements that stood out: Awareness of Implicit bias: (p. 26) Provide equity-based professional learning options that promote awareness of implicit bias and cultural sensitivity in curriculum and instruction. (p. 72) How Do Institutional Racism and All Forms of Bias Impact The Lives Of Diverse WCASD Students? How Do Institutional Racism and Implicit Bias Impact The School …

Philadelphia City School District

Equity initiatives come for Catholic schools in Philly

The D is seeking to push a liberal agenda but labeling it social justice initiative. This curriculum to coming from the National Constitution Center.

Haverford Township School District

Resolution Supporting the Development of an Antiracist School Climate by the Board of Directors of the SDHT

Adopted by the School Board unanimously on August 6, 2020. They have also begun to create a Parent/Guardian Equity Team as indicated in the resolution.

Haverford Township School District

BrainPop's Black Lives Matter Protests Video

This was shown to 5th graders, like my child, during virtual Social Studies class back in September 2020. It is my understanding that it was only shown at Manoa and Lynnewood Elementary and not the other three elementary schools. I have inquired if that is true, and if so, why? The district will not answer direct questions about what has been going on. This district is out of control like …

West Chester Area School District

Beyond Diversity Training

I filed a "Right to Know" with the district in the Fall of 2020. I am concerned about what political philosophies the teachers are passing on to the students. It's worse than I thought. The teachers, all of them, are being trained in white privilege, white fragility, systemic racism, genders fluidity and more! You can file a "Right to Know" with the district find out what the teachers AND …

Haverford Township School District

Resolution Supporting the Development of an Antiracist School Climate

BE IT RESOLVED that the directors of SDHT, unequivocally stand firm in our collective responsibility to foster an equitable, inclusive and antiracist school climate for every student, staff member, parent, and community member. We commit to use our role as school board directors to recognize, respond, and speak out against racial injustice and inequity in our school community. In support of this goal, the SDHT board of directors commits to …

Lower Merion School District

Pennsylvania District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons for Kindergartners

"will require fourth and fifth graders to read Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness, which claims that white people who relate to police officers or decline to watch the news are complicit in racism. The curriculum also assigns A Kid's Book About Racism to kindergarten and first graders. One parent said 'the book teaches kids not only to defy parents but to hate themselves.'"