State-wide Materials (political activism, false facts, critical race theory, etc)

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District-level Materials

Lewisville Independent School District

Rhithm App - Building Psychological Profile on Students

Rhithm App is an SEL app that does a biopsychosocial assessment on students every day. Biopsychosocial assessments are made to change people's behavior. They are used in for treatment in drug and alcohol addiction and in pain management. Why are they being used on children and who decides what behaviors are the children to change to. Any psychological assessment done by schools must have the written permission of the parents. …

Wimberley Independent School District

Is Social Emotional Learning Rebranded CRT In Wimberly?

My kid was just scheduled to attend a Social Emotional Learning class for 2nd grade at Blue Hole Primary School. We have advised the teacher he will not be attending. As we know, SEL is just a rebranding of CRT which has been banned in Texas. It is based in Marxism. They are trying to hype it up to the parents that it produces activists for social justice, as if …

Austin Independent School District

"equity and racial justice serve as our North Star" in Austin ISD

Every day in Austin ISD schools, we teach our kids that our founding documents hold their equality under the law as a self-evident truth and that every last one of them has unalienable rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our job as educators is to prepare every student, every day with what they need to thrive in a world that too often falls short of …

Chapel Hill Independent School District

Flocabulary: 'Hip-hop videos and instructional activities' endorsed by Howard Zinn and Snoop Dogg

Flocabulary teaches grades K-12 how to hate America, kneel to the flag, be ashamed to be white, idolize and emulate vile rap artists, promotes gay marriage, and a multitude of more disgraceful extreme leftist ideologies and propaganda. They are endorsed by Howard Zinn and Snoop Dogg.

Canyon Independent School District

CISD Libraries Contain Sexually Explicit Content

Who is ordering these books? Why are we using tax payer dollars to purchase these titles? These are answers we cannot get our hands on. Parents want academic-focused literature and curriculum without sexually explicit content or extreme profanity. #bringbacktheclassics #noporn

Eanes Independent School District

Transgender curriculum in 3rd and 4th grade

The Eanes ISD School Board has condoned the reading of the book "Call Me Max" to students as young as 3rd and 4th grades. Teachers showed to their students a You Tube video of a young child reading this book aloud. The book is about a young girl who believes she is a boy and her friend who is a boy who believes he is a boy but wears dresses. …

Canyon Independent School District

CISD Mental Health program (tMHFA) Harmful for Children

"The tMHFA (teen Mental Health First Aid) program is harmful for children. Below are the main points expanded upon in the harm analysis presented below: 1- Glamorizes a Sexually Explicit, LGBTQ Advocate 2- Undermines Parents' or Parental Rights 3- Normalizes Transgenderism 4- Violates Students' Rights 5- Presentation Help Resources Are Harmful 6- Text Resources & Handouts Are Harmful The parent permission form sent home to CHS parents did not include …

Leander Independent School District

Wildly inappropriate literature

Parents have discovered that Leander ISD has placed harmful literature into the hands of our children. Examples below. For a second documented time, district leaders and internal curriculum directors have not executed appropriate checks and balances. Unfortunately, detrimental books have been delivered to minors without parental notification or consent. This demonstrates the need for tighter selection control and transparency before such curriculum is purchased with public funds. Public education in …

Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District

Bridgeland HS: "Implicit Bias" video to be shown to students as part of "No Place for Hate" campus designation

The following email was sent to parents of Bridgeland High School students on Feb. 8, 2021. This "activity" had been planned for Feb. 17, 2021, but was delayed due to winter storm school closure. Notice has not been provided as to when the rescheduled date will be, nor has the school provided an opt-out, in effect making student participation compulsory. The video in question was produced by the Center for …

Fort Worth Independent School District

Forth Worth Trustees Pass Racial Equity Resolution

The resolution is intended to prevent silencing, retaliating against, or marginalizing any parents or community members who are engaged in racial equity conversations. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Fort Worth Independent School District will address any attempt by anyone working within our District to silence, retaliate against, or delegitimize the experience of parents and community members who are engaged in racial equity conversations as seriously as any other …