Racial Equity Resources

CRT Booklists, podcasts, and other resources. The 1619 Project and How To Be An Antiracist - by Ibram X. Kendi. Reflect on these discussion questions in an effort to reshape the conversation about racial justice in America, and liberate new ways of thinking about ourselves and each other.


Schools Propagating Anti-American 1619 Project

Worthington Schools in the Central, OH area are propagating the anti-American narrative, the 1619 Project. It teaches that America is irredeemable due to its racism through debunked and revised history. The use of Marxist ideology through Critical Race Theory is a common tactic these days, and this is no different. Attempting to divide people by race, categorizing …


CRT & 1619 in Jeffco public school

Jeffco website makes it clear that they will be teaching our elementary school children CRT. I find no talk about when this was decided and it’s terrible for our children. “The following resources were gathered to support families and community members in understanding racism, talking about racism, and helping people who are impacted by racism. The first …


VA Board of Ed Recommends Entire State-wide Curricula be updated with CRT

VA Board of Ed recommends that Critical Race Theory, works by DiAngelo, Kendi, and Singleton, and the 1619 Project be used to revamp the entire education curriculum for the entire state.


Pennsylvania District Mandates White Supremacy Lessons for Kindergartners

"will require fourth and fifth graders to read Not My Idea: A Book About Whiteness, which claims that white people who relate to police officers or decline to watch the news are complicit in racism. The curriculum also assigns A Kid's Book About Racism to kindergarten and first graders. One parent said 'the book teaches kids not …