Critical Race Theory-White Advantage

It appears that the School District of Palm Beach county is proceeding full speed ahead with the introduction of Critical Race Theory to our children. Furthermore, there is a link in their website to help children and parents understand racism more clearly by accessing the Black Lives Matter website. To my surprise, there are no direct links …


Black Lives Matter: Early Childhood Guide

This is the curriculum used for young children during BLM week in Cambridge Public Schools. It covers: * Diversity * Globalism: "Globalism means that Black people live all over the world, in lots of different ways, and we are thinking about ways to keep things fair everywhere." * Black families: "A space that is free from patriarchal …


BLM flag

February 11, 2021 Dear WMS Community, We are proud that we are putting up a Black Lives Matter flag in our school. It will hang in the same spirit as our Pride flag, which for decades has long been a statement of welcome and an affirmation of our values. This is not to say that only Black …

North Carolina

BLM mural in Wake high school

"Black Lives Matter organization being endorsed in a public school building"

North Carolina

Wake County promotes "Transgender Remembrance Day"

"Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. @RethinkSchools asks, what is required by each of us to protect the lives of transgender people? Check out @BLMAtSchool "The Year of Purpose" resources to learn more. https://blacklivesmatteratschool.com/year-of-purpose.html"

North Carolina

Equity teaching resources for teachers and staff

These resources support talking to students about racism, becoming an ally to "challenge institutionalized racism" and understanding privilege. They also describe social movement terminology such as "No Justice, No Peace" and "Black Lives Matter"

New York

Teaching 'the disruption of Western nuclear family'

The lesson plans prepared by the Buffalo Public Schools’ Office of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives, instruct teachers to discuss various “guiding principles” with students including “Black Villages,” which they describe as "the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other.”