Social justice content

The schools district uses woke social justice content such as Newsela and Commonlit. The articles the teachers pick for reading, writing and social studies are very often social justice topic such only about black people, Hispanic immigrants, distorted account of slavery and denigrate the founding fathers and never discusses anything about the accomplishments and progresses made in …


Newsla website for reading assignments

Students throughout the United States are reading articles put out by Newsla,, a site where their "platform takes real and new content from trusted providers and turns it into learning materials that meet most State standards."( their own description). Teachers ARE free to choose what articles they want their students to learn about, but these articles …



This website is used for assignments where the students need to read "Current Events". After going into the website, there are pages and pages of how to teach about white privilege and how much time teachers should spend on that subject. It was ALL year last year.

New York

Teaching America is Systemically Racist and Police are Racist

"Our children's history curriculum consists of the history of slavery, and the accomplishments of black people. I think it's important that children learn the history of slavery and the accomplishments of black people. However, the history of slavery is sprinkled with statements that America is systemically racist today. The history is also slanted so that children learn …


4th grade Social Studies socializes students to property, capitalism vs. socialism, activism

"4th graders are asked to read assigned articles for Social Studies/Language Arts on a website called Newsela. Many of the articles assigned were taken from the Zinn Education Project (ZEP), whose purpose is to lead students to question their history textbooks. I personally don't have an issue with studying history from a critical lens. But upon a …