We're all Queer Ideology at Chadwick School (K-12 Private School)

Chadwick School is indoctrinating kids as young as 4th grade with the ideology that their gender identity exists along a spectrum and they can choose how they identify and their identity can change depending on how they feel. The school does not have a formal lesson plan in the fourth grade but uses opportune times to sprinkle …


Activating Students at The Stevenson School

The following are written excerpts of communications from The Stevenson School. There are many examples of what is said verbally to students, and what is and isn't being taught. January 10, 2022 “Monday Minutes” sent by email: Student Action Items EDUCATE, ADVOCATE and ACTIVATE! Monday is the formal honoring of Dr. King. This year, his daughter Rev. …


Private Bishop Diego High School Pushing 'Social Justice'

Bishop Diego High School a private Catholic school located in Santa Barbara, CA has introduced CRT to their 10th Grade English classes under the guise of "Social Justice." Teachers are asking students to verbally debate current issues in class, defining their viewpoints.


Private Woods Academy's strategic plan: "Raising Antiracist Kids"

The Woods Academy - A private, co-educational, inclusive Catholic school, preschool – grade 8 "Over the course of the next three years..will create equity across all contexts in our community" "antiracist parenting skills"


Trans Student Gender Unicorns For Fifth Graders at Private The Foote School

6/1/21 Dear Grade 5 Families, The 5th grade team and I are excited about the puberty unit next week, and I wanted to share some more information and resources. As the Grade 5 letter described, the primary objectives of the unit are the following: Recognize the specific signs of puberty Understand physiological and emotional changes that happen …


Gwynedd Mercy Academy High School gets an equity czar and a new mission statement

This a college prep Catholic high school for girls. I was very surprised to see they hired a Diversity and Equity officer. I am not sure if parents understand this has infiltrated the school but it's concerning. Please see below for the initiatives and new mission statement. At Gwynedd, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice are synonymous with …


Private Bolles School of Jacksonville wants parents to be better white people

-Pictures are from their Instagram account where it talks about being a better white person -DEI program -Trying to get parents to do “non-bias” training. Making students do it.


The Episcopal School of Jacksonville (ESJ) has staff discuss White Fragility, will consider new hiring based on race

-In January all three campuses participated in training by the Anti-Defamation League. Faculty and staff also discussed White Fragility, and viewed a TED Talk by ESJ Dr. Tammy Hodo. -“In September students received Diversity Education facilitated by Deidre Lane of OneJax. On Election Day students discussed self-care to ensure each member of the community felt safe and …


School Refuses to Show Parents Race-Based Curriculum

An elite private school in Columbus, OH refused to show parents their race-based curriculum even after students were subjected to a civil disobedience walkout demonstration. For more on the story, see Daily Wire's report:


Private School Accrediting Association Requires Commitment to DEIJ

The Independent Schools Association of the Southwest is the accrediting association for over 90 private schools in Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. ISAS is working with Pollyanna, Inc to conduct a full review of all Standards for Membership, practices, and programs through the lens of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and justice. ISAS, in coordination …