Reading "Charlie" to PreK-5 grade students

The school system is also promoting Pride week. One of the events is reading "Calvin" to PreK-5 grade students. The book's description according to Google is "In this joyful and impactful picture book, a transgender boy prepares for the first day of school and introduces himself to his family and friends for the first time. Calvin has …


Handing out candy, free food recommended to recruit students to LGBTQ+ Clubs

Each HCPSS school has one or more staff members designated as Rainbow Representatives. Their duties include sponsoring Gender Sexual Alliance clubs during school hours or after school hours. Training materials for Rainbow Representatives link to a GLSEN document that recommends handing out candy to recruit students and states that "Free food can make your club meetings and …


Rainbow Ribbon Certification: LGBTQ+ Books, events, etc to earn BOE recognition

HCPSS School Rainbow Representatives received this training including how to certify their school as a Rainbow Ribbon School There is a clear push to indoctrinate all students, regardless of personal, family, or religious beliefs into their LBGTQ+ agenda and to do so behind parents' backs. The Howard County Board of Education will give recognition to any school …


HCPSS Pride Group Receives $30k for Social Emotional Learning

What what does the school district mean when they say "social emotional learning"? HCPSS Pride received a $30k grant for district-wide support for Social Emotional Learning including Rainbow Representatives and SAGA/GSA sponsors What is a GSA? A Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), Genders and Sexualities Alliance (GSA), Queer-Straight Alliance (QSA) or Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) is a student-run …


Supporting Transgender Students

Recent virtual event offered to families in our middle school (Grades 5-8) community, featuring Alex Meyers, transgender advocate and educator.


Gender Theory now part of "Oregon Standards" for teaching human sexuality

The human sexuality unit in my child's 9th grade Health education class includes teaching of gender theory, promoting the distinction of sex and gender. The PBS documentary "Growing Up Trans" is included in the lesson. "Gender Unicorn" makes another appearance in the lesson slides, as well as other graphics from These graphics define sex and gender …


'Progress pride' flags will be raised in all 15 of Framingham’s public schools year-round

I am a teacher and a parent who is deeply upset with Framingham Public School's LGBTQ Curriculum Memorandum, their Gender and Sexuality Alliance presentation targeted K-12 and "Progress pride flags will also be raised in all 15 of Framingham’s public schools year-round, Superintendent of Schools Robert Tremblay announced during Sunday’s event."


Trans Student Gender Unicorns For Fifth Graders at Private The Foote School

6/1/21 Dear Grade 5 Families, The 5th grade team and I are excited about the puberty unit next week, and I wanted to share some more information and resources. As the Grade 5 letter described, the primary objectives of the unit are the following: Recognize the specific signs of puberty Understand physiological and emotional changes that happen …


Santa Monica, just outside Hollywood, is using gender stereotypes from the 1950s -- that kids have never experienced -- to push notion of "gender unicorn"

SMMUSD is teaching high school freshmen the "gender unicorn", that their sex is "assigned at birth", and that their "gender identity" is what determines whether they are male or female. How does a student determine if they have a male or female gender identity? The lesson goes on to list male and female traits that are 1950's …


Indoctrinating young kids on gender identities

Posted from Elk Grove School District page. "The Youth Development Office provides district-wide support to EGUSD’s LGBTQIA+ students, staff and families. The Youth Development Office staff facilitate awareness building training on LGBTQIA+ issues, provide district-level coordination and support for campus Gender Sexuality Alliance Clubs (GSA) and other site-based LGBTQ programs, and consult with EGUSD school staff on …


LGBTQ+ Class

MCPS is going to be offering an LBGTQ+ studies class to middle and high school students.


CISD Libraries Contain Sexually Explicit Content

Who is ordering these books? Why are we using tax payer dollars to purchase these titles? These are answers we cannot get our hands on. Parents want academic-focused literature and curriculum without sexually explicit content or extreme profanity. #bringbacktheclassics #noporn


2nd graders reading "I am Jazz"

At the end of school last year, during the pandemic, one of the required reading assignments presented online was the book I am Jazz, which is the story of a boy transitioning to a girl. This took me completely by surprise. My 7 year old was thoroughly confused and I had no time to prepare for the …