The Southern Poverty Law Center tackling the KKK in... Malibu

SMMUSD is teaching the "soft" CRT from the SPLC's "Teaching Tolerance" operation as well as formally endorsing gender ideology with respect to youth and "gender identity."


El Segundo USD Wants You To Know Your Baby Is Racist

Multiple links to how to teach your kids about racism, diagrams showing even babies are subject to bias.


Learning For Justice, Highly Politicized Curriculum to be Used

Troy School District is adopting the politicized, Learning for Justice, curriculum. Learning for Justice Agenda: Learning for Justice Curriculum (browse the list or search specific terms): Searching the word "white" in the curriculum: Searching for "oppression" in the curriculum: Searching for "queer" in the curriculum: Searching for "social justice" in the curriculum: …


Glendale Unified Adopts CA Ethnic Studies Curriculum

Glendale Unified is adopting the CA Ethnic Studies curriculum. I received it via a PRS request. Most of the materials are from the Southern Poverty Law Center's "Learning for Justice" which teaches that BLM has "expressive rebellions" instead of "violent riots". They teach that Armenians have a "shame culture" and are complicit in "whiteness". See all documents …

District of Columbia

After CDC relaxes distancing requirement, schools email parents not to say schools will re-open, but to lecture about Equity

There is no mention of the CDC changes for social distancing on the date this was sent (March 19, 2021). This email came from the school administration. Meanwhile, the schools were mostly closed in DC and I when I opened the email, I expected to see exciting news about how schools would re-open with the CDC changes. …


Conservative, Rural Calvert County using 'Social Justice Standards' and 'Anti-Racism'

Whereas, the Calvert County Board of Education is outraged by the recent deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, as well as countless other African Americans who have lost their lives as a result of racism and police brutality that persist in our country; and Whereas, all district staff, administrators, teachers, and support staff shall …


Gym class(!) will include one day of a week of 'Learning for Justice' and 'self-care'

Sperreng Middle School gym teacher sent out this letter informing parents about teaching "Learning for Justice Lessons. See letter below Hello Families! We are dedicating 1 day a week to choice-driven topics through "Learning for Justice" lessons (formerly named "Teaching Tolerance") and some time for Self-Care. This work began with kids creating word clouds of topics that …


Learning for Justice Topics and Anti Racism Resources that are taught in the Broward County School Board public school system

See PDF and link I attached. Also they attached this video link on there site: Another link: Once you get on the Broward Count School Board Site go to ACADEMICS, Then scroll down and you will see Young Voices matter then click on that and you will see everything as well as additional links. …


School staff tells parents 'how to talk to children about race'

Dear SCASD Community Member, We hope your school year is going well! We wanted to send you a brief update regarding what is going on in SCASD Office of Equity and Inclusivity. Please visit our webpage on SCASD at You can find this email at this page as well. October Newsletter We hope you took some …

New York

Teaching America is Systemically Racist and Police are Racist

"Our children's history curriculum consists of the history of slavery, and the accomplishments of black people. I think it's important that children learn the history of slavery and the accomplishments of black people. However, the history of slavery is sprinkled with statements that America is systemically racist today. The history is also slanted so that children learn …


Manhattan Beach Social Justice Standards

Adopted this past summer in MBUSD. They teach that a child’s identity comes from the groups they belong to and how these intersect to form who they are.


Policy 7:.2 to 'disrupt... white supremacy in our schools'

Policy 7:. 2: Ensuring Racial and Educational Equity: “District 97 seeks to disrupt societal and historical inequities arising from institutional racism and white supremacy in our schools and eliminate disparities based on student status so that all our students will benefit and reach their potential.” We believe that that education is the most valuable tool to dismantle …


Anti-Racism Professional Development -- Social Justice Education 101 and Equity Literacy

No debate as school board decides to train their staff to be woke (from a school board meeting back on August 4th).


Webster Groves super says the district he's led for 10 years is systemically racist

"The district has quietly brought forth a new draft curriculum that overlays a SJ component onto social studies class. The SJ component is directly from the SPLC. Also included a communication sent out by the superintendent where he declared the district to be systemically racist. Particularly stupid because it is a diverse district and he has worked …


Iowa Tackles '"The Weaponization of Whiteness in Schools"

Both the certified and classified staff at Southview Middle School received this email from our representative of the district's newly created Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Team. The email comes with a suggestion to visit the website for videos, lesson plans, and other activities to develop a culturally inclusive classroom. One of the articles included in this …

New Jersey

Hires Equity Consultant Dr. Rebekah Cordova

Our district published a newsletter announcing new equity proposals including the hiring of Dr. Rebekah Cordova. I found a youtube video of her discussing her Ph.D. dissertation on DIY Punk Learning. Towards the end we learn her thoughts on schools and how they exist today. See time stamp 58:35.


Fairfax Submits Teachers To Anti-Racism Training

Teachers "trained" with videos instructing them to work to defund the police, and excoriating "white woman's tears," while children are to read "Me and white supremacy"


Falls Church Shifts From Equality to Equity

DC area's highest-performing, wealthiest and whitest district aims to be "culturally responsive" with typo-ridden documents ("learn more about what is White Privilege, its history, and it's [sic] impact.")


Loudoun Spends $422,000 to teach white kids they're racist

Says "white supremacy culture," defining 70% of school students, includes "perfectionism," "objectivity," "fear or open conflict," and "worship of the written word."