Howard Zinn, "The Empire and the People", Socialist Propaganda, Assigned At Issaquah School District

This is an official Issaquah School District class assignment. It uses Chapter 12: "THE EMPIRE AND THE PEOPLE", of Howard Zinn's "A People's History of the United States" as a reference. ISD staff directly downloaded this material from the Communist website, "History is a Weapon". https://web.archive.org/web/20210415034209/https://www.historyisaweapon.com/defcon1/zinnempire12.html


Howard Zinn's Socialist Propaganda in Issaquah School District

Socialist propagandist Howard Zinn is a cornerstone of Issaquah School District's Social Studies and History curricula. We provide a list of official, public Issaquah School District documents that feature Howard Zinn's propaganda. There are many more.


Flocabulary: 'Hip-hop videos and instructional activities' endorsed by Howard Zinn and Snoop Dogg

Flocabulary teaches grades K-12 how to hate America, kneel to the flag, be ashamed to be white, idolize and emulate vile rap artists, promotes gay marriage, and a multitude of more disgraceful extreme leftist ideologies and propaganda. They are endorsed by Howard Zinn and Snoop Dogg.

North Carolina

Wake County promotes "Transgender Remembrance Day"

"Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance. @RethinkSchools asks, what is required by each of us to protect the lives of transgender people? Check out @BLMAtSchool "The Year of Purpose" resources to learn more. https://blacklivesmatteratschool.com/year-of-purpose.html"

North Carolina

Durham School Board Chair tweets thanks to Howard Zinn

"Durham School Board Chair Bettina Umstead tweets thanks for "teaching history correctly" to Howard Zinn. The district's account and several other notable district teachers and officials "like" the tweet. Howard Zinn's People's History of the United State is an anti-American set of theories sold as 'true history'." "


4th grade Social Studies socializes students to property, capitalism vs. socialism, activism

"4th graders are asked to read assigned articles for Social Studies/Language Arts on a website called Newsela. Many of the articles assigned were taken from the Zinn Education Project (ZEP), whose purpose is to lead students to question their history textbooks. I personally don't have an issue with studying history from a critical lens. But upon a …